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This is a collection of websites dedicated to promoting and supporting the Fudge Role Playing Game. This game system written by Steffan O'Sullivan (and published by companies such as Grey Ghost Press) offers a completely customizable set of rules that will allow any setting, any character...even bunnies!

A FUDGE website with some popular game translations to Fudge, like AD&D, Castle Falkenstein and Changeling: the Dreaming, and new and original games and settings, like FUDGE: Goblyns.

Coyote's Lodge
FUDGE settings and variants, a FUDGE adventure, and a review of _A Magical Medley_. More to come. Also some non-FUDGE-specific GM resources.

Jamie's FUDGE Page
Recent revision to my Fudge page as well as revision to the rules. Two recently revised sets of rules including 'The Transformers' and 'Full Throttle.' Many more to come.

Terra Incognita: The NAGS Society Website
The official website for Terra Incognita: The NAGS Society Handbook, a new Fudge role–playing game from Grey Ghost Press. The site supports the game with free downloads, references, links, and other useful ...

Snowbound Fudge
Some stuff I've written for Fudge and other games. Featucommunity FADAD - AD&D 2E meets Fudge, with extra trimmings.

Brett Slocum's Fudge Page
This site is devoted to the Fudge RPG.

Rogue Publishing
Fudge adventures and settings for download as PDF files.

Phill's Fudge Page
Contains custom FUDGE rules and adaptions of other games including Deadlands, Judge Dredd and Traveller.

An adaptation of Roger Zelazny's Amber setting to FUDGE.

Mudge (
Home page of 'Mudge', a functional personalized version of Fudge, as well as complete details on multiple GURPS campaigns, message boards and more!