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Click Member link to see site in tvThe Community Codex: Tolkien / Lord of the Communitys
Directory and search engine for Tolkien and Lord of the Communitys links. Also LOTR news headlines and forum.

Rygel Wolfe's Expanding Universe
I originally created this site to help me with my sci-fi collection cataloging. Most pages now contain links to what I consider to be some of the best sources of information for sci-fi and fantasy television ...

Maaginen's Keep in the Sythian Forrest
Enter the Sythian Forrest to see what lurks.

Maryannes Star Trek and Doctor Who Download Page
Lots of Star Trek and Doctor Who downloads. Includes themes, screen savers, games and more.

Sword & Sorcery Author: Martin Edward Stephenson
An aspicommunity author's preview, feedback and resource site.

Fantasy Gathecommunity
Mostly RPG-oriented. It has a library with information, profiles that RPers can submit, etc.

Molly's World - Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
Character sheets, character generator, and various utilities for aiding in the gameplay of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game.

Grid Traveler
Follow the adventures of Sean Blakemore, Dr. Kathy Loggar, the Gridship Reginald Johnson and the crew as they travel through the fantastically strange and wondrous unknown of space.

Fearsome Novel
Free Sample Chapters "Fearsome" is an action-based Sci-fi chronology of the life and quest of the main character, Leo Fearsome to discover the truth of the death of his father and in the process becomes ...

the 3 villains
star trek /horror movie star marc alaimo, casey biggs, jeffrey combs

SolarWars is a free-form science fiction/fantasy roleplaying forum. Where people seeking Space combat, Bounty Hunting, or any type of Sci-Fi action can find it.

Echo Nation
Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror book Reviews.

Tirpetz Tales
Some original, short speculative fiction. Favourite Authors pages and cover artists. Miscellaneous links of interest.

Desktop Starships
Thousands of high quality, free, sci-fi and fantasy pictures for Windows wallpaper. Screen savers, themes, sound files, fonts, free web sites, free email, chat and more.

In the future, a whole new planet has been born. Named Rai-De, they live under many religions. One thing is certain though- each creature is cursed. Some with simple mental issues, some with horrible ...

Stargater.co.uk :: The Complete Stargate Fansite
Stargate Fansite for SG-1 and Atlantis. Providing the latest news, a forum to discuss Stargate with other fans, media, episode guides, DVD reviews and much more!

Universe Pathways
Universe Pathways is a sci-fi, fantasy, horror literature and art magazine from Greece. All about gothic, comics, anime, science, music,paranormal, cinema, digital art, photography, Rpg, fantasy and ...

Distant Stars
The galaxy of distant stars awaits... Distant Stars is a sci-fi themed forum based RPG. Choose your race, write a profile and role play the way you want, interact with other players in a wide variety ...

Atomic Wasteland
A post apocalyptic wasteland roleplay forum with the opportunity to wander and be a mobil charactor and to open businesses in several towns and locations and get your own sub-board. Life and love in the ...

Pulp Science Fiction
Pulp Science Fiction is a website dedicated to the movies, books and magazines from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s – what we remember as the “Golden Age of Science Fiction,” and to an imaginative novel that ...

Tales from the Script
KaraB's page with her complete collection of Fan Fiction on it. Includes: Alias, Andromeda, Bones, Crossovers, EFC, Fantastic Four, Firefly, Harry Potter, Heroes, House, JAG, LFN, Law and Order SVU, Lord ...

N. D. Hansen-Hill: fantasy, SF, paranormal, horror
Extensive SF, fantasy, & horror novel excerpts. Paranormal suspense? Yes! Ghosts, mutants, spies, fairies, psi mayhem, and time travel...

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror Sites
Fantasy, science fiction, horror sites.

Doctor Who Downloads
While living in Cincinnati I was an avid fan of the Doctor, but alas Orlando Public TV doesn't offer that programming (and I don't have cable TV). I solved the problem for myself when I developed www.drwhodownloads.com, ...

Free Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog
a blog devoted to the best free and legal Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, and Adventure on the web

Miranda Mayer ~ Fantasy Author
The official author page for fantasy author Miranda Mayer.

So, Okay, I Write
Updates, news and nonsense from award-winning Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror writer Michael Ehart, author of the critically acclaimed "The Servant of the Manthycore"

Obsidian Rain
Obsidian Rain is a free-form message board-oriented role-playing site. It is a combination of the fantasy, science fiction, and supernatural genres.

The Science Fiction Art of Jacob Charles Dietz
This is the official site of sci-fi artist, futurist and illustrator Jacob Charles Dietz. Within this site you will find a collection of recent work, the latest news, selected tutorials as well as a few ...

Codeblue VFX Design Studio
Currently creating 3D content for Carrara 6 (Express, Standard, and Pro)- will be expanding to support Poser and Vue!

The Crypt
The Crypt - Global Community for the Damned. When darkness falls, and the moonlight engulfs the night sky… they emerge. To walk amongst the living to hunt, to feed, to lure…. Come to the dark side, ...

The Squeegee Chronicles
The Squeegee Chronicles is a tale of Pirates, Yams, Stovepipes, War, Wombats, Giants Noodles and Hostile Rogue Piping Systems. For any lover of bizarre comedy, and probably one of the wackiest things ...

Zonetrooper - Home Of Zonetrooper Magazine.
The only home on the web of Cronac - the Temporal Enforcer, Zonetrooper Magazine, Strike Zone the RPG, and the Zonecast podcast. Come on by and check it out.

The Infinite when it was Two Digits Old
A two volumn science fictions series about the first human-computer cyborg and the events leading up to the singularity

Emma Alvarez Official Website
Official website of digital artist and illustrator Emma Alvarez. Browse her galleries and discover art in worlds of fantasy, myth and magic. The set of styles available include: fantasy and Celtic ...