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An intercommunity for quality Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror sites. Both commercial and personal homepages, with good content and theme for the genres above may apply.

Mega-site with interactive stories, friendly discussion forums, reviews and more about science fiction, fantasy, horror and roleplaying games.

Space Phoenix
Space Phoenix is where you'll find the latest on all current sci-fi and anime on television and more. Shows like farscape, buffy, enterprise, angel, stargate sg-1, tenchi, babylon 5, and more...

Lady K'Lyssia's Realms of Imagination
Multi-layer site of an aspicommunity SF/F writer featucommunity her writing as well as her other obsession Star Trek.

T 'N' T Hobbies
Sci-Fi Models, Figures & Dioramas. Memorabilia & collectables. 'For Sale' pages, MP3 & wav files, plus lots more.

J & J's Place
Opinions on movies, TV, books, music, humor and more!

LexFA: Lexington SF and Fantasy Association
The Lexington SF & Fantasy Association (LexFA) is a not-for-profit fan organization shacommunity common interests in science fiction, fantasy, horror, outer{;}space, RPG's, and the occasional mystery. ...

Princess Licorice's Homepage
I have various fiction such as stuff from RPGs and animes, some, art and music. My main attraction is my ongoing Star Wars parody.

Demon Knights
Original stories of horror

The Land of Jekaj
A Free-Form Fantasy RPG set in a medieval time,with orcs,dwarves,elves,dragons and many other fantasy creatures...{;}Enter the Mystic...

A site to put RPG owners and the people who play them together. This site caters for all types of games - fantasy, scifi, anime and more!

Future Bound Beauty
Sci-fi art galleries featucommunity beautiful women. Featured artists include Luis Royo, Boris Vallejo, HR Giger and many more.

Books, advice for writers, links to fandom, and links to writers and free original vampire fiction from the authors of Seven Seasons of Buffy.

The Crystal Ball Sci-Fi News
News about everything Sci-Fi, from Andromeda to The X-Files

Holy Shrine
It's a website for the fans of The Wheel of time written by Robert Jordan.

Membership of the community
Site dedicated to a world of J.R.R.Tolkien, nice pictures, fine first class art paintings, lot of free gifts, free books, free CD-roms, free posters, and many other...!

Creation's Retreat
I post fanfiction, Original fantasy and sci-fi stories. So far 5 original stories, 2 FFVIII story and 2 Harry Potter fics. Submissions welcome!

Entertainment Earth
Action figures, Toys, star wars, collectibles, masks, replicas.{;}{;}Serving your collectible needs since 1996. We guarantee mint condition.

Selafais Project Part III
With{;}assosiation with the [Gods Dreamland] we will present to you the Selafais Project.{;}A Cthulhian fantasy Landscapes project in 6 parts.

Robotech Online RPG
This sight is dedicated to Robotech RPG and has Pics, Character Creation, and a chatroom for the game. Check it out, it's fun and best of all it's free.

Jim Schicatano's Short Stories
Webpage devoted to the short stories that I have had published through the years. Includes science fiction, fantasy, horror, and thriller. Definitely worth a look!

Lt David Corwin - The Voice of C&C
A site devoted to the Babylon 5 character Lt David Corwin, and Josh Coxx, the actor responsible for his portrayal.

The Planet Of Exile
A 3d digital planet of exile lost somewhere in space and time

The Steed Zone
Homepage of Speculative Fiction Author Kelly Steed offers writer advice, an extensive writing resources page, newsletter and weblog.

Muldrow Chasm
Muldrow Chasm. Mystical Universe. Mystical Landscapes. Mystical universe project part VI. Sea, sun, sky, sand, desert....red..red..Life.

Selafais Project Part IV
With{;}assosiation with the [Gods Dreamland] we will present to you the Selafais Project.{;}A Cthulhian fantasy Landscapes project in 6 parts.