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Our mission is to elevate reason; expose, chronicle and parody the errors in logic and fact of the god-feacommunity while advancing a unity of diverse testimony through links among people who understand that the absence of religious belief is a necessity of conscience, a natural consequence of reason and honest inquiry and is not subject to popular consensus, religious indoctrination, calumniation, bribes or threats.

Ang's Weird Ideas
Anything and everything I wish to comment on, including but not limited to religion, politcs, weird stuff, and more.

English Atheist
A large collection of articles and e-books about atheism and religion

Digital Freethought at Freethought Central
Your center for Freethought & Atheist Resources on the Web.

We provide resources, articles, rants, and forums for atheists generally with an occasional focus on topics of interest to atheists parents specifically.

Atheist Philosophy
On guiding civilization toward peace and prosperity.

Encyclopedic collection against religion
A large collection of excellent articles on the actual historical foundations for Judaism and Christianity, religious cartoons, and articles by famous thinkers who are critical of the worship of god. ...

Fredrik's Corner
A site dedicated to discussion of current issues, as well as getting my own thoughts ventilated and directed to someone who will listen.

Trip Reports from Imaginary Places
An irregular (in time) collection of Brad's rants, items of interest, and well-reasoned opinions (but mostly rants). Topics tend to center on Humanism, Atheism, science and politics

Sin Dioses
Recursos para librepensadores hispanos: ateos, agnósticos, escépticos y humanistas. Ensayos, noticias, directorio web, anillo, comentarios de James Randi y más.

My accounts of 30 years in the churches, and why I am now an atheist. My site contains bizzare Pentecostal vidios.

Derrick's Atheism Page
Ex-Christian showing errors and contradictions in the Bible, as well as problems with the Christian faith.

Atheist Eye
What makes this site different from other atheist sites is the Activism page. The Guide on this page offers a strategy on how to be a successful Church and State Separation Activist. The information in ...

View From Earth
Grand Thoughts On A Small Scale. Tackling topics that catch my interest, including religion, homeschooling, rational thinking, news events, music, books, television and more.

50 ways to kill me
official 50WTKM suicide media-core website

It's an Insane World
A humorous yet informative blog that encourages and embraces the traditional value of Free debate. Covers a wide array of controversial topics including abortion, religion, and politics.

Anal Iced Bible
Adult Atheist Bible study not for the easily offended

Sexed-Up-Atheists.com: Free Worldwide Atheist Dating, Personals and Networking Resource.
Introductions for Infidels. 100% FREE dating, personals and networking resource for atheists, pantheists, agnostics, pagans, brights, humanists and non-religious free thinkers worldwide.