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Getting your hands on a wide variety of free flight model airplanes is easy thanks to this incredible community! You don't have to look any further to find model aircraft and more which means that enthusiastshave no reason to look anywhere else.
Use this great community to find free model airplanes, flight simulators, information on model airplanes and a whole lot more. Have a look around and see all the cool stuff here!

Free Flight Model Airplane
Try this site for Free Flight model aviation. Find Non-radio controlled aircraft as well as Rubber, gas, electric, Co2 powered aircraft. Indoor or Outdoor Model Airplanes. Also several Flight Simulators ...

Free Flight Model Airplanes Here!
We've got Free Flight model aviation. From Non-radio controlled aircraft to  Rubber, gas, electric, Co2 powered aircraft. We also carry Indoor or Outdoor Model Airplanes and also have several Flight ...

Buying Your First Free Flight Model Airplane

Since most grown up aviation buff usually find that their love of airplanes started young, you most of your time growing up was probably spent building and flying model aircraft. But depending how long a go you were a kid, chances are that these weren’t the radio-controlled, super-powered, fully aerobatic free flight model aircraft that today’s youth enjoy … our’s were attached to us by two control wires and could only fly in circles, with their youthful pilots spinning in circles in the middle. If you didn’t crash it because of lack of skill and control inputs, you ended up crashing it as you fell dizzily to the ground after more than a few minutes flight!

And, in those days, with likely no model shops where you lived, it was a matter of either building it yourself , or forget about flying and go do something much less interesting!

But today, with the plethora of free flight model aircraft available on the internet, anyone can become a flying ace without once gluing their fingers together while trying to get that perfect wing shape … and today, none of the fly-by-wire of our day … anyone with a little training (and what kids doesn’t have much more dexterity than our generation, what with computer games etc) can become a junior Chuck Yaeger with a radio control box in their hands and one of today’s superb free flight model airplanes in the air.

Loops, turns, figures of eight, barrel rolls, chandelles … anything you can do in a real aircraft is now possible with your own free flight model airplane!

And the models now made are often exact replicas of the real thing (only a little smaller, naturally!) Just check on eBay to see the massive range available to the budding modern aviator or aviatrix … a search under “model aircraft” brings up 795 items available, and this doesn’t include what can be purchased in either kit form or ready to fly from the innumerable hobby shops featured on the internet … ahh, shades of sniffing all of that Tarzan’s Grip as a kid and painfully scrubbing hands trying to remove the residue after a modelling session are unknown to modern youth!

The complexity of design in modern free flight models almost echoes in part the real thing. Full control surface inputs (elevators, ailerons, rudder, engine power, retractable undercarriages in some instances), beautiful paint jobs with decals based on the real thing, attention to detail that is hard to believe, and incredible performance has brought the exciting hobby of flying free flight model aircraft a long way from the control line days.

And to watch the free flight experts in action is a joy to behold … these dedicated flyers are as good a pilot as any “real” pilots I have known … they are committed to excellence, turning and twisting their model airplanes into every known configuration and able to make their free flight experience much more exciting than the real thing because of not having to worry about G-forces on the plastic pilot on board.

Get the excitement … get the bug … get onto the internet and buy your first free flight model airplane and see what all the hype is!