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This is a community for free servers that are running Tradewars 2002. You can run other games but you must have a website and a free tradewars game. Players can find free trade wars games from this community.

Dante's Inferno
multiple tradewars games. one unlimited turn game, and one 2000 turn game. no registration, no waiting, totally free tradears. fast and reliable cable connection. server runs 24 hours. games started may ...

tony's place
just started have 3 games up{;}

Psiden's TWLite Game Server
Brand new Tradewars games. Come play and help us get our regestration money out of it. For you new gamers, if you love games that still have content and challenge, give this one a try.

Trade Wars on Guam
Vid's World on Guam has edited games for everyone.{;}No dupping please but have fun :){;}Telnet: vidsworld.yi.org:2002

ICE9 Tradewars 2002 Game Server
ICE9 is a community based Tradewars 2002 game server featucommunity Tradewars ver 3.11.55 Gold. We offer 100% free games for your enjoyment. Established in early 2002, Ice9 attempts to getaway from the ...

TheCrustyChicken Tradewars Webserver
Free Tradewars Server. 1.5mb DSL connection. Come join us for some old Tradewars Fun...

The Transporter Room
The Transporter Room features the Tradewars Gold Server and many other online games. Totally free access!

We are starting up a new TW site and hope to set some new standards in the game. We plan to improve upon our site as we go and grow. We plan to add new features and games as we go. At the moment we have ...

Tradewars Central
The Tradewars Central Game Server is open to all traders. The list of games that we offer is always improving. Everyone is welcome!

Mustang Valley BBS
A place to play Tradewars 2002. 4 Active nodes. Currently accepting new players. All serious players welcome.

Gates of Hell Tradewars Server
3 Tradewars 2002 games running...all banged recently (9-05) so come join the fun! Running the current TW version and TWGS!

tw.endr.net Trade Wars 2002

Arctic TradeWars
TWGS server located in Fairbanks Alaska, new games every month.

Fallen Empires: Tradewars Central
Welcome to Fallen Empires! This site is dedicated to interactive Massively Multiplayer strategy gaming. And whats better? Its free! Check out one of the existing Tradewars games, or take sneak peek at ...

Moon Base Alpha TWGS
Six games of various themes and settings. Go to the Moon!

Free TWGS Trade Wars Gold Server... lots of cool edit and customs.

Entreri's Tradewars Game Server
Entreri's Tradewars Game Server. entreri.kicks-ass.net:2002 or twgs.entreri.com:2002 Game A - Almost stock game, 1000 sectors and 2500 turns, banged on 13 Dec 2009. ISS and Corporate Flagship ...