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This community is for anyone that creates original fractal artwork. You may also join if you create artwork with KPT's FraxFlame program. You may offer your designs as stationery, wallpapers, themes or web sets as long as you are the creator of the art. **Please visit http://www.quickcreations.50megs.com/fractalfanatics.html to download the community logo. Thank You**

QuickCreations Desktop Themes
Original wallpapers and themes.

"Schlaraffenland" is a funhouse mirror held up to "Reality." But which side of the glass are we actually on? Fractals, Poetry, Commentary and Humor. Cost of one admission is your mind!

Fractal Pages of Paul N. Lee
Not only computer generated fractal images, several exhaustive lists of fractal related information concerning Software, Tutorials, Books, Videos, Music, etc..., but home to the world renowned "Fractal ...