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Click Member link to see site in tvDiamondTech Fractals
Fractal art and animation with music.

Jayce Cruel\'s Fractal Webpage
A webpage dedicated to several javascripts that create random fractal formulae and paramaters for Ultra Fractal and other Fractal Programs

Fractals by Dekaro
2 Fractal galleries of the Italian artist Giovanni De Caro.

Kiyoshi\'s Gallery
This site showcases my fractal works all created in Ultra Fractal 3.

Collection of beautiful fractal pictures created with Ultra Fractal.

Twig's Fractals
Fractal Elements Gallery, featucommunity images created in Ultra Fractal 3 and Fractal Explorer. The highlight of the gallery is the 'Tritium' section, with its presentation of 3-image sets.

Perspix Fractals
In the first stages of developing a full gallery of Ultra Fractal creations using no post processing. Expansion to include formula tips etc. expected soon.

audre's freaky fractals
audre's gallery of freaky fractals

Trixi's Fractal Gallery
Fractals generated with KPT Fraxflame and Artmatic. Some are post-processed with Bryce and Studio Artist

Extraplicity has galleries of fractals made in Ultrafractal, Xenodream, and Apophysis.

Makin' Magic Fractals
Makin' Magic Fractals homepage - links to all David Makin's work on the Web.

Fractal Voyager Gallery
A gallery of images create by the program \"Minds Eye Fractal Voyager\"

Tim's Sterlingware Gallery
Sterlingware fractals with parameter files for download.

Fractal Design
A Gallery of Fractals and Cellular Automata

Blog with a View
A visual diary of original digital art, fractal art, and illustrated poetry by artist/writer Terry Wright.

EyeTwists: Fractals, Chaotics, & Psychedelia

aLicias fractaLs
Fractals generated with Tiera-Zon and Apophysis, some post-processed. View pictures, download source files.

FractAnima * Latin for \"fractured soul\". Fractal art created by Jeff Howbert using Fractal Explorer.

Ultra Fractal Art Created by Missie Mandelbrot
Wonderful Ultra Fractal images Created by Missie Mandelbrot. Several galleries to browse through. Free desktop wallpapers. Prints may be available in the near future. If you are interested please contact ...

Fractal Beanstalk
A blog displaying and discussing fractals I have made in Sterlingware and Xaos along with their parameter files.

Elmfract Fractals
Fractals made with Eric Meijer\'s elmfract program.

Douglas Cootey\'s AtomicFractal Artwork
I treat fractal images as a photographer would treat a landscape, incorporating design and color composition into each piece. I call the process \"Fractography\". The process of my art differs from ...

Eftelibra Graphics
Small fractal galleries displaying works created in several different generators, which I hope are showing improvement as I gain experience in this fascinating, wonderful artform! Eftelibra Graphics also ...

Fractal Visions
Site features galleries of my fractal images and also guest galleries. There are links pages for information, other galleries and software.

Fractals and other stuff
Animated fantasy glitter lands loaded with candy links to free fractals and more of same and the web free tools used to make them

Sigi Swanchi Mandelbrot Gallery
Pure Mandelbrot gallery. No filters, or effects. 3D , Animations, and More....

Art Fractals - Not Just a Another Pretty Picture!
full of fantastic fractal based art

The Sacred Circle - Fractal Mandalas
Dedicated to Mandalas created entirely using fractals! Amazing and colorful, spiritual and fun - The Sacred Circle is a visual treat.

virtual artist gallery
Virtual Artist Ines veligina presents a results of 10 years discovery in computer art sphere. Connecting programms Paint & Photoshop, Ines Veligina has created her own style and original grammatic of ...