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Foxes are wonderful little animals that we rarely ever get to see in the flesh. As beautiful as they appear on TV; there are things about foxes that will amaze you! That's just one of the reasons why this community may be for you!
This community dedicated to all things to do with the fox is a great place to find information and pictures on foxes for research or simply just curiosity. You can read all about foxes like the Red Fox, The Artic Fox and more.

Foxes - Information and Products
There's no place like this one for all you ever wanted to know about The Fox. Read about Foxes like the Red Fox, Arctic Fox and more and Find information and products about foxes.

Everything To Do With Foxes
A fan of The Fox? You've come to the right place if you want to Read about Foxes like the Red Fox, Arctic Fox and more. Find everything from information about foxes to products having to do with foxes ...

Foxy - A Look At Foxes
Have you ever seen a fox? Considering how many of us live in urban settings, it’s not surprising if your answer is no, unless you count the fox stole draped over someone’s shoulders at a fancy dress party!

If you’ve never seen one then chances are that you don’t know a whole lot about them. They are actually very interesting little creatures! The fox is an animal that belongs to the dog family. They are present in almost all countries in various forms all over the world. Foxes are also carnivorous and do not live in dens as people think, except during their breeding season. They sleep by curling their tails around themselves to create warmth in their bodies. The foods foxes hunt and eat are birds, earthworms, mammals and other small animals like mice and rats. Unlike other members of the dog family which run after their prey hunting, foxes stalk and then pounce on their prey. Foxes are also hunted by other bigger carnivorous animals like wolves and in many countries ‘fox hunting’ which is now banned, was considered as a sport.

There are many different types and colors of foxes;

Red foxes - are found in North America, North Africa and also in parts of Europe and Asia. European foxes are generally larger than the American foxes. These foxes are hunted for their valuable fur and also in some countries they are used for sports.
Swift foxes - are yellow in color and are found in deserts and plains of North Mexico and the Western United States. There are limited numbers of this fox and very few are seen today out in the wild. Their numbers were diminished due to fox hunting.
Gray foxes – are the modern day fox, which can climb up trees unlike its cousins. They are found from North United States right through to South America. The grey fox is slightly larger than the normal red foxes of the area. They like to live in wooded areas, swamps and brushy areas where they can hide from their prey.
Arctic foxes –are found living on the arctic coasts and islands of the north and south poles. They have short but rounded ears and their colors vary from brown to grey in summer, but in winter they turn to pure white. This color change is a defense mechanism and also a good hunting trick. Arctic foxes are mostly dependent on the hunts of polar bears’ to feed themselves.
Blue foxes - are very rare to be found in any country and their diet includes small plants and animal matters.
Desert foxes – are the smallest foxes currently known of and are found in the Sahara and Arabian deserts. They have enormous ears.

Foxes are known to talk to each other in a series of barks similar to those of a dog. Their conversation barks are very loud when they are at a distance and become quieter as the other fox approaches. Foxes also help people on farms, they are bred to keep pests away from the farms and keep the food they grow unharmed and intact. Foxes need to eat at least one kg of food a day to survive. Most foxes live for two or three years but they have been known to live for up to ten. Foxes weigh less than dogs but could never be domesticated like a dog as it is not within their nature to be this way. This is due to the fact that they can be very vicious and dangerous. So as tempted as you may be to pet these adorable critters should you come across one, you’d be better off to keep your hands to yourself and resist the urge since it could well snap!