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Thank Heaven for Little Girls Community for they get Bigger, Stronger and Smarter everyday!: Celebrate having daughters!! Celebrate having granddaughters!!! Celebrate having nieces!!! Celebrate being a girl!! {;}

Morgan's CyberRoom
A site for our friends and family to {;}share the special moments in our daughter's life.{;}

Kayla's Korner
Come over to Kayla's Korner and learn more about Kayla born Feb 15, 1999. See her adoptions, awards and photos. She also has a little brother now too!

Samantha's Page
Welcome to my page! My mom and I have worked very hard to get it up. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Slvrbraid's Cove II-Cassie's Chic Corner
{;}Cassie's chic corner is a page I created for her to have her own little corner of the web. We are going to be putting up cool teen/pre-teen links, fun ideas and just stuff about being a girl.

Kayleah's Korner
{;}This site is dedicated to my daughter born 4 months premature. There are tons of pics from NICU thru current along with a full NICU story. There are also links to common preemie medical conditions. ...

Meeri's homepage
I'm a finnish girl and my mother is telling everything about my life in my homepage.

Valkyrie's Pixie Pages
Watching Pixie grow -- a picture album. With links to Pixie's own enchanting homepage (faeries, dragons, cats, her trip to Ireland and lots more), and to mine, which has a large vegetarian recipes section ...

Leah Rose
This site is dedicated to my daughter, Leah Rose, born on 9/19/03.

Madison's Just For Kids
Created by a pround grandfather, with lots of things for the younger children to have fun and get the feel for the internet and computers at the same time.{;}Plenty of images, games, cartoons, music, and ...

Kaitlynn Malone
This site is about my BEAUTIFUL daughter Kaitlynn. She has the worlds biggest and bluest eyes.

Visallini's Place
This page is a little gift to baby visa born on Valentine's Day 2000!Ha lot os photos and more interesting stuffs to come real soon{;}

Emily Celeste MacPherson's Page
This is my baby girl's site and of course it is all about her

Tarrah Courtney
Come see Tarrah's birthday surprise page and adopt sparkling candles for yours.{;}

Babycass's Beach House
Romp through the sand, listen to the surf and play in the California sunshine with all of us at the Beach House.{;}

Lori's Place
This website is about my family, I'm a single woman but with 10 nieces and nephews. I have a page on each one of them. Because children make the world go 'round. There are also pages on my parents, sisters ...

Natale Ann Catherine
born june 22, 1999 8lb 8oz 21in. Website is full of pictures through each month. Also includes, ultrasound pics, birth story, 1st birthday and 1st haircut. Come check out this cutie!

Our Family Pages
This website is about my kids, Juleesa(1/8/00) and fraternal twins, Antonio & Julius(10/9/01).

Kara's Site
{;}Has lots of pictures,about our family,lots of links,some net pets, and more!

My Girls
Pictures of my beautiful girls

My Cozy Place
A cozy place to relax and enjoy from a parents page to a kids page{;}

Kaitlynne's Cloud
My site is about love of family. I have lots of fun activities for kids, colocommunity, games, even adoptions for you!

pixies meadow
Come take a journey through enchantment where you can meet pixies,faeries and other mystical creatues ... which includes my friends and family as well !

Angel Ariel
Our angel Ariel! All about her!

Princess Payton
Our princess Payton! Come and see!

Finn and Breana's Adventures
Breana and Finn, twins, were born the 9th of December 2000.{;}{;}This is the story of their lives so far and includes such adventures as, being born 8 weeks early, congenital heart defects, heart surgery#1, ...