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This community is for people who believe in an everlasting love. Are you someone that's love has standed the test of time & made it? Are you someone that believes love can conquer all? If so please join us.

Witherspoon Family Home
My site is dedicated to the medieval era, I tell how I met my husband, and I also offer free linkware through Bordeaux Graphics.

Jem's Paradise
Romance 101, poetry, humor, tips and more{;}

WOLFGANG JOSEF and PAULETTE ANNE...a love to last a lifetime
Experience once again to a site which will leave you fulfilled with HOPES, MAGIC and INSPIRATIONS brought by TRUE LOVE{;}

My Homepage
It's personal. I have tried to keep it in a Romantic/Victorian, style. I have Angels and Holiday pages. I do love my Cyber Home. And I have worked with it a lot. I keep it updated all the time. I have ...

Escape From Reality
Escape From Reality And Enter My World Of Fantasy

The Deeper Sanctuary on Marriage
The Deeper Sanctuary is dedicated to the delightful decadence and delicious delving into our deepest selves... our spiritual and sexual senses. Come explore your spirit !

Earlene's Sad State of Singledom
I've never been kissed, never had a boyfriend. I am going to do everything it takes, including a full physical and emotional self-transformation, to get one.