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.:a community for everyone who is an artist within their own right, whether they are writers or photographers, painters or singers, this is for artists:.

Hypersurreal oil Paintings, Drawings and Pastels, Nature and Experimental{;}Photographs, Free Original Webart Graphics, free e-cards: a couple of European{;}Artists present their creations in animated ...

Hypersurreal oil Paintings,Drawings and Pastels,Nature and Experimental{;}Photographs,Free Original Webart Graphics:a couple of European Artists present{;}their creations in animated virtual galleries ...

Fight for Ynomrah
If you love Sci-Fi fantasy stories, you'll love Fight for Ynomrah. The story is about a young boy named Eric, who accedently releases a creature powerful enough to distroy the planet of which he lives ...

This Is My Dream
My little mess on the web! Poetry, haiku, photo art and a pastiche of miscellanea...bcommunity your mop! =o)

musical comedy
original play and music

A collection of poetry (either written by me or by the world's best writers), quotes (about love & the business world), books and images I've created. Come take a look...