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This new site is dedicated to the 2.3 Ford and the cars it came in. Our purpose is to inform the masses of the popularity and the potential of the 2.3 Ford engine.

1980 Bright Bittersweet Mercury Capri
Small website with photos of my 1980 Bright Bittersweet Mercury Capri. A few links and a small performance modification section.

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AdamJ's 2.3L N/A Mustang Coupe

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My 1988 Ford Mustang
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intense and growing collection of various ford 2.3T cars, info, tech, how-to, overall love for the cars

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Terminal Ford
My website dedicated to my turbo 2.3L 1989 Mustang convertible.

Project Left For Dead
This is a story and a build up of an ol' 90' Mustang that was abondond of all hope and was left for dead intill a someone decided to pick up the poor thing and give it another chance at life...

Lone Star Turbo Ford T bird
This website is dedicated to ford owners. Covecommunity build ups of a 2.3 liter turbo engine using a holset turbo. Current set up is stock ihi running 22 psi of boost with e85.

The 2.3L Ford Webring

The 2.3L Ford Engine

It can be a bit intimidating when you are around car enthusiasts – talks about torque, how to modify your car engine to get optimal performance – in many ways, it’s like speaking a whole different language. However, one of the biggest benefits of understanding the nuts and bolts of cars is that you are able to find the best way to maximize your car’s performance. Many car enthusiasts find joy in building their own cars from vintage car parts that are designed to give their car the most powerful performance that is possible. To help you out, we will examine the different aspects of one of the most legendary car engines that is currently available – the 2.3L Ford Engine.

The 2.3L Ford Engine had an auspicious start, debuting with Ford’s line of its subcompact car, the Ford Pinto. The Ford Pinto was initially introduced to the world in 1971 and is fondly (or not, depending on your experience with the car) as being one of the least safe cars ever on the marketplace. Build as Ford’s attempt to muscle in on the subcompact car craze of the 1970s, the Ford Pinto is now best remembered as a relic to a more reckless time. Much like the Yugo, Chevy Vega, AMC Pacer, and AMC Gremlin, the Ford Pinto is remembered for being the ultimate cheap economy vehicle. However, its reputation has been enhanced due to the car’s vulnerability to fire and rear end collisions.

Some recent references to the Ford Pinto include the lyrics of the Southern California pop punk act, Offspring’s hit, Pretty Fly for a White Guy. It is the vehicle that is being driven by the characters Dr. Gonzo and Raoul Duke in the cinematic version of the Hunter S. Thompson classic, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. When disaster strikes on a Los Angeles bus in the movie Speed, Sandra Bullock’s character assures Keanu Reeve’s character that she is more than equipped to drive a bus that is full of explosives by quipping how the bus’ situation was “just like driving a really big Pinto.”

The Ford Pinto was initially designed with much loftier aspirations. The car was styled in a similar way to the Ford Maverick with its tail light and grill themes but added a more smooth look. Available as a two-door coupe with a trunk, as the three-door hatchback “Runabout,” and as a two-door station wagon, the Ford Pinto was actually one of the most successful American designed subcompact vehicle. Although the car contained a pretty conventional design, the car was faulted for its terrible suspension and drum brakes.

However, the one positive thing that car enthusiasts had to say about the Ford Pinto was for its superior engines. The Ford Pinto was initially released with the 1.6L Kent engine. However, as its competitors trumped the Ford Pinto for its design and power, Ford decided that it was time to equip the Pinto with its best engine at the time. From 1974 to 1980, Ford Pintos were equipped with a Ford 2.3L OHC SOHC 14 engine that ensured that the Pinto would purr except for those times when the car was on fire.

Despite its inauspicious beginnings, many car enthusiasts swear by the effectiveness of the 2.3L Ford Engine. Its recent popularization has also been aided by a rethinking of the Ford Pinto by car enthusiasts. Although everybody would agree that the Ford Pinto doesn’t really belong on the highways and roads of the country, the car has gained a second life as an amateur-level vintage racing car. Due to its light weight, readily available car parts, and its rear-wheel drive (RWD) layout, the Ford Pinto is a great way for aspiring race car drivers to do some vintage car racing. Besides these features, the main reason why the Ford Pinto has gained popularity as a vintage racing car is due to its durable and strong engines, particularly the 2.3L Ford Engine. Considering its popularity, we will examine some of the specifics of the Ford 2.3 L engine.

Ford 2.3 L Engine Specifics

Some people may think that people are overstating the durability of a Ford 2.3L engine, however this is simply not true. From personal experience, there are so many people out there who are essentially devoting their lives to finding out about the 2.3 4 cylinder Ford motor and trying to figure out the ways to tweak it for maximum performance.

In fact, many car enthusiasts feel strongly that the Ford 2.3L engine when properly tweaked can outperform many later engine models. Compared to the Ford 5.0 engine and the Ford 351’s, these road racing devotees truly believe that a car equipped with a maximized Ford 2.3L engine would leave these vehicles featuring other engines completely in the dust. This is a pretty incredible fact, considering the engine’s auspicious debut in the Ford Pinto, but there is an entire subculture out there that is a testament to the power of the Ford 2.3L engine.

Although other racing enthusiasts feel strongly about the Ford 3.8 V6 engine and the Ford 5.0 V8 engine, there are some racers that feel that you can modify a Ford 2.3L engine to match or surpass these later engine models. The 2.3 l ford engine boasts an overhead camshaft (OHC) engine that was one of the most advanced engines produced in the 1970s. Compared to later Ford engine models, the Ford 2.3L engine is renowned for having great gas mileage and for its excellent idling. Additionally, the Ford 2.3L engine has a light weight and is pretty compact for a car engine. This will allow racers to have a better front balance in their racing vehicle.

The 2.3L Ford Engine is also renowned for its good response to turbo charging, which is the process of forcing compressed air into the engine’s combustion chambers, thus increasing your car’s power output. While the Ford Pinto that the Ford 2.3 L engine debuted in was rightfully criticized for its poor safety performance, even critics would agree that the Pinto was at least a smooth ride. This smoothness is a testament to the strength of the Ford 2.3L engine. The one drawback to the Ford 2.3L engine is that it could use more power. However, considering that most racing enthusiasts have that complaint for every engine, this criticism should be taken with a grain of salt.

Modifying your Ford 2.3L Engine

Although the Ford 2.3 L engine has gained renewed life in the vintage car racing world, it isn’t going to offer a racer any advantage on its own. It is imperative for a driver to modify their Ford 2.3L engine to increase its power and its effectiveness as a racing vehicle. One of the best modifications that you can make is adjust the engine itself. To start off, it is advised that you make some modification on the engine’s head. For people that have the money at hand, you can replace the Ford 2.3 L engine head with a Motorsport competition aluminum head. However, there are other ways that you can adjust the Ford 2.3 L engine head.

Another way that you can modify the Ford 2.3L four cylinder engine is by changing the camshaft. One of the most beautiful advantages of the Ford 2.3L engine is its diversity and you can select different camshafts depending on your need. It is important that when you choose a camshaft in maximizing the Ford OHC motor that you balance increased power with good idle. In general, camshafts offer excellent power with rough idle or vice versa. To continue tricking out your Ford 2.3 L engine, it is highly recommended that you install a high-volume oil pump to get your engine ready for some racing.

Considering that one of the biggest criticisms of the Ford 2.3 L engine is its lack of power, there are ways that you can adjust the engine to increase its output. One method is to enhance the engine’s turbocharger values. As the Ford 2.3L engine was produced for normal driving in the Ford Pinto, it sacrifices its power for a smooth driving experience. By doing a bit of scouring for information and asking people that are in the know, it is possible for an owner of a Ford 2.3L engine to modify it in a way that it will increase overall performance. Of course, the question remains, where can you get the latest information and the secret tips for the Ford 2.3L engine?


Considering its popularity in the vintage car racing circuit and its excellent reputation, it is not surprising that more and more people are becoming enamored with the Ford 2.3L engine. For this reason, we have created the largest Ford 2.3L web ring on the Internet. Here you can connect with other 2.3L Ford enthusiasts and get all of the answers that you are looking for today! The best part about the web ring is that it is free to use and easy to access the information that you want!