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Click Member link to see site in tvDomestic Pussy
One lesbian's adventures in life, love and all things handmade

A site where I discuss knitting and what goes on around knitting

Knit Purl Knit
The knitting adventures of a 30-something year old who gave up her "real world" life and returned to college full time to finish her degree. (And yes, she even lives on campus.)

Dyeabolical Yarns
The knitting, dyeing and spinning adventures of a St. Louis native.

Casting on the extra hundred stitches for my size is never easy but if I were skinny knitting would be too easy. Watch as a 20something girl learns to deal with the cost of buying that extra yarn.

Lou's Ends
A journal of my knitting - for my family and for myself and my extra large life.

Emma & Co.
Talking about my passions : knitting,yarn,fibre,colour,my husband,son and friends.

Mrs. Knitter's Knitty Gritty
Confessions of a Beginning Knitter as I learn new skills along my journey.

Purple Cow Knits
Mandy's adventures in knitting!

Shelda's Adventures in Lace
On my blog I muddle along, explocommunity lace patterning. Knit on!


Way Too Much Stash!
Another fluffy knitter who focuses completely on knitting in this blog. Several sweaters to be made for me this year as I am slightly less fluffy than prior years.

Just Jeanie
a place to post my pics, patterns, and stories of knitting, spinning, fiber and fun. love socks and fun knitting plus sized lady.

Knitting for Sanity
My own personal blog about knitting and my family and how the former keeps me from killing the latter.

Another Day, Another Sweater
A running commentary on all things knitting.

Heather Knits
Where Heather waffles on about knitting and anything else which crosses her mind.

blog with pictures of what I have been working on and things about my life.

Bald Sheep
Bald sheep means more socks!

The Twisted Sock
Musings of middle aged spinster with cat who must work to support fibre habit until she wins the Lotto!

Blue Moon Knitting
Knitting Haven for a Serial Knitter

I am a Knitter,Crocheter Spinner and a Homschool Mom.Join in my crafty adventures!!

KNita Knittin'
A KNovice KNitter KNuts for KNots!

Teyla's Reality
I am currently living in the unpredictable weather state of Michigan. Is it snowing yet!! Which means hats, sweaters, mittens, and scarfs. Wishing designers would realize there are women and men of the ...

Yes I'm knitting, do you have a problem with that?
My name is Martha, and I am addicted to knitting. Currently I feed my addiction by knitting and purchasing yarn and reading blogs. This is mainly what my blog is about.

Ramblings of a wool addict

...in which a Colorado woman ahres her joy of knitting, crocheting, & reading...

Sheep Rustling
My blog is about my knitting, crochet, beading and family

Plumpy Knits
Plumpy Knits..addicted to knitting, big needles, big knits, links and patterns, always looking for the next thing to knit, sometimes impatient to finish a project *lol*

Primarily knitting, with occasional bits relating to wife/mother/work. Like to knit things with unusual construction. Still pretty much afraid of lace.

Clothed [in joy]
Big hair. Big teeth. Big butt. 'nuff said.

Krazi Knitter's Place
Just life for an obsessed knitter trying to get by ;o)

Mostly knitting, some news and local weather from the oldest continually-licensed hotel in Scotland

Personal weblog with posting about my knitting, weaving, spining, family, pets, and, of course, the weather. Lots of pictures, little blather... I promise!

Bubbles and Purls
A blog about spinning and knitting my way through life with my family. How the fiber art takes me different places and introduces me to different things I might not have know otherwise.

What Bloggles My Mind
Whimsical take on Nancilyn's exploratory pursuits into the fiber, needle and textile arts. Includes embellished crazy quilting, knitting, freeform crochet (scrumbling), beading, not quite wearable art, ...

A Blog Reborne
Just my bloggy. Where I talk about it all ... what I'm knitting. What I'm reading. What I'm doing. What I wish I was knitting, reading or doing!

All of those things! Knitting while mothecommunity, mothecommunity while reading, homeschooling while knitting! Just a lovely circle of creativity!

Confessions of a Middle Aged Knitter
my own personal ramblings about knitting and beautiful things

Bitchin' Stitchin'
Diary of a self-confessed yarn-o-holic with a Dolly Parton sized bust, who knits, eats pie and contemplates life in general whilst living halfway between Oxford & London in rainy England. Accompanied by ...

Woolly Mutts
Reflections on the furry life of a midwestern midlife fiber addict.


Knitting Kitties
My blog is primarily an on-line knitting journal, with a few other tidbits thrown in. I'm just learning about blogging, so I hope to expand it as I learn more.

Anectodal musing from a really crafty gal!

DHJ Design Studio
Musings on being an entrepreneur, on being a fibre artist and designer, on being disAbled, on making all of these work for ME...

Daily ramblings of an avid knitter from a feminine purlspective...

A joint knitting blog by two sisters, one in Texas and one in Ohio.

Green Moon Knits
Near constant knitting commentary.

Black Sheep Knits
Knitting blog by a beautiful, zaftig mama.

Coming up Blank
A knitting blog with the occasional reference to cats.

Blogging my attempts to ravel up my life.