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a community geared towards all levels of prevention and safety education including fire prevention, health, first aid, disease prevention

Lifeflight, air medical services, air transport, Portland Oregon, medical emergencys

Medic Alert
Medic Alert, medical services, id of diseases in an emergency, allergies

Building Fire Safe
Building Fire safe, protecting your home from fire, fire prevention,

Dangers Of Smoking
Smoking, dangers of smoking, teenagers and smoking, smoking can kill

Car Seat Safety
Car seat safety infant through toddlers, are you using the correct seat, preventing injury

Airbag safety, dangers of using airbags, airbags can kill

Hidden Hazards In the home
hazards in the home , preventing accidents, home safety, preventing fire

Babysitter Safety Tips
Babysitting safety tips, babysitting instruction, emergencys, fire safety, cpr

Preventing posioning, accident prevention, accidental overdose, posion control

Juvenile Firesetters
Juvenile Firesetters, signs of fire setters, is your child at risk? preventing firesetters, children and fire

Help Save This Firefighters Life
Young female firefighter, mother of three is batteling to save her life from deadly form of cancer, see how you can help

Oregon Prevention & Safety Educators
opeing page for the Oregon Prevention & Safety Educators..company devoted to all areas of public education

Arson, preventing arson, dangers of arson, protecting your property from arson

Safety Belts
Seat belts, proper use of seat belts, safety belts can save your life

Car seats 2
Car seats for older children, booster seats, using the correct safety seat for your child, age and weights for car seat usage

For Those Who Serve
dedication to those who serve in the fire service

Gun Safety
gun safety, gun locks, children and guns, proper strorage of guns in the home, safety tips

Home Safety
Home safety, safety tips for your home, prevention in the home, make your home a safe place to live

Index for Prevention & Safety Education
Main index for the Oregon Prevention & Safety Educators, home safety, fire prevention, health issues, drugs, drunk driving, safety belts, car seats, gun safety

Our awards for Internet Education
awards received for Prevention & safety education, awards for internet education, online awards

Firefighters Prayer
universial prayer written for all firefighters around the world...

Wildland Fires
Wildland fires. protecting your home from wildland fires, forest, roof materials water supply

Defensible Space
Defensible space, protecting your home from wildland fires, fire prevention

Community page
home page of the Fire Prevention community, fire prevention, safety education, health issues, car seat information, gun safety

Childrens Immunizations
childhood immunizations, preventing childhood disease, mumps, measles, rubella, chicken pox, polio