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A group of personal web sites related to firearms, shooting, hunting, and reloading. Anyone with a personal web site based on firearms or such related items is welcome to join. By linking these pages through a community we make it easier and more convenient for people to find the information they are looking for without having to search the entire world wide web.

The Firearm Community Homepage
This Community was created to link similar sites together for a more convenient and easier way to find information regarding firearms, shooting, reloading, and hunting related web sites.

The Reload Bench
Resources on reloading. Filled with data and info on every aspect of reloading for pistol and rifle cartridges, Reloading Bulletin Board, online conversion calculators, reload guide, glossary and info ...

Thompson/Center .22 Classic Forum
An open forum where owners of the Thompson/Center .22 Classic rifle can express and share their enthusiasm. Accessories, maintenance questions and advice, parts wanted or available and related topics are ...

Kens Gun Page
Personal web page covecommunity shooting, reloading, and constitutional rights.

Ol' Buffalo Shooting Page
Collection of quotes on the Second Amendment. Home of the Ol' Buffalo Handloading and Muzzleloading Guides. Links to other shooting pages.

Desert Fire Products...
We build some of the finest and toughest shooting bench rests around. Please visit our web site for more info. Also please join our mailing list to keep up with new products.

The Armory
The friendly, affordable, full-service, local gunshop on the internet. One-stop shopping for all your shooting needs.

RKBA Challenge
Information & motivation to take back our rights by exposing new people to firearms. Change perceptions at the root to change voters to change politicians.

Hunting With Tony
Hunting in Kentucky. Stories with pictures, you will also find my personal trophy gallery here. Stop by and read about my wife's first trip deer hunting.

Genitron Handgun Database
Our database contains an extensive number of pistols and revolvers from over 40 handgun manufacturers. The database can be searched and sorted by various user selectable parameters. It is an extremely ...

Cyberspace Campfire where we hang out with our friends and talk about firearms, shooting, hunting, reloading, politics and nearly anything imaginable.

The Shooting Sports DOT com
An all encompassing shooting sports web site for anyone and everyone who is interested in any of the shooting sports.

Gun-Reviews.com Gun Reviews
Handgun, shotgun, and rifle reviews and ratings by people who shoot!

Garfield County Rifle Association
Hunting & shooting spots for Enid, Garfield County and Northwest Oklahoma.