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They may not make the Pontiac Fiero anymore but that doesn't mean that you can't buy one! Find out about everything from Fiero sales to parts and repairs and even more!
Our community is packed full of stuff for car lovers who still love their Fieros! You can find a Fiero for sale here or get the stuff you need to restore yours and get it looking and running like new again.

Find All Things To Do With The Pontiac Fiero For Sale
You can find it all here! Pontiac Fiero Cars for Sale, parts, engines repair help and manuals for Pontiac Fiero for all years 1984 – 1988.

Pontiac Fiero For Sale and More
Whether you have got a Pontiac Fiero that needs repairs and parts or are even looking for an engine or a manual; you can find it all as well as Pontiac Fiero for sale here.

The Pontiac Fiero - Still As Hot Now As It Was Back Then
It's hard to believe that the Pontiac Fiero is now being written about in magazines that are dedicated to car classics because it really does feel like just yesterday that they were the car du jour that everyone wanted to get their hands on. Whether you wanted one for it's sleek and sporty design and afforrdability or because you really wanted a Ferrai that you couldn't afford and decided to get one so you could play with a body kit and make yourself the poor man version of the Ferrari; there is no question that these were THE car to have in their time. And, since everything old is new again, the Fiero seems to be in demand again with all kinds of people looking for everything from a Pontiac Fiero for sale to Fiero parts and accessories and repair help for those licky enough to still have a Fiero that they'd like to get on the road again.
The Pontiac Fiero became the hit that it did because it was made with a mid-engine which at the time was not something that you'd find mass produced but rather limited to luxury and high performance sports cars like the Ferrari and Lamborghini. The fact that these cars looked and performed much like something with the likes of the coveted Italian sports cars just made them all the more of a phenom. Actually, a Pontiac Ferrari was the car that was chosen to pace the Indy 500 in 1984 and if that wasn't impressive enough for an afforbable sporty commuter car by Pontiac of all makers, it beat out the newly designed Chevy Corvette for that gig! I bet no one saw that coming at the time!
The Pontiac Fiero was named after the word 'proud' in Italian. Personally, the similarity to the sleek design of a Ferrari and similar name makes me think that someone was doing a little thinking before hand, if you know what I mean! But, even though the car was NOT Italian made like teh car that it was clearly 'inspired' by, it didn't stop it from becoming a hit with Italians in North America. Come on...you know the guys I'm talking about! It seems they all had a Fiero back then--not that I can blame them as I too am guilty of having had dreams of owning one in a shiny shade of red to drive around at a speed faster than legal just so I could look super cool blasting my Stevie B. as loud as possible...Ahh the memories...
These days you still get to see Fieros on the road and yes, you can find them for sale online as well. If you are an owner of a Fiero that is in need of repairs and parts, then I'd suggest checking out a web ring dedicated to the Pontiac Fiero as your best possible resource for all things to so with this 2-seater classic as it will get you in touch with not only other Fiero lovers but also places to get parts as well as information on repairs. Let's face it, finding parts and help with a car that hasn't been made since 1988 isn't going to be easy. (Can you believe it's been that long??!) So the internet will be your best shot at getting what you need to keep your Pontiac Fiero running or to get it back on the road again.
Buona fortuna!! (Umm...that's 'good luck' in Italian in case you didn't know)