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A community of fictional weblogs and/or journals and diaries.

This collaborative fiction journal tells the many stories of Providence.

The Fields Were Crimson
Fantasy fictional blog of an orc's adventures in the Orc army.

The Ethereal Friendship
A story about the unbreakable bond between two friends, even when faced with the possibility of one of their deaths. It is a proof that friendship can perform miracles, and a young girl\'s coming of a ...

A place to submit your fictional weblog and review others.

In the Shadow of Mt. Hollywood
I have just completed a 65,000 word novel, Killer App, in serial form on the blog.

Shining Echoes

A science-fiction revenge comedy about sleeping with the wrong people, being punished, and getting your own back.

Blue Sky
A science fiction short story in progress.

The World of Baby Billy
Baby Billy chronicles his life from his 2nd birthday party up through his 3rd. Things start off happy enough, but as the year goes on he must learn to deal with changes in himself and the world around ...

The Germaine Truth
The Germaine Truth is a multi-blog fiction about a small Central Oregon town, which includes a main narrative (the applegate trail) and several supporting sites, such as town newspaper and various organization. ...

Modern Savior
Six chapter story about the struggles of everyday people and an unlikely savior.

High School Stories
Short stories about the issues of various high school students of a fictional high school.

Wilf's Blog
Wilf's Blog is the story of Wilf's difficult world-dinosaur parents, awkward friends and plans that never quite go right. It's a tricky life but someone's got to live it.

The Online Writers', Illustrators' and Readers' eCollective. Free display and discussion. Associated wiki, Bli-fi.

The Germaine Truth
A multi-blog fiction about a small town in eastern Central Oregon. Part mystery, part small town portrait, part utopian dream. Includes a town newspaper, historical society, and several organizational ...

Headlines Retold
A weekly updated collection of stand alone stories inspired by real and current events in the news. Each installment is an adventurous alternative to what really happened in a specific news article. Every ...

Kat's People
Each pair of people has one person I've met and one I made up. It's up to you to vote for the one you think is real!

The Adventures of Daniel Walters
The adventures of a thirteen yearold boy in eighteenth century Dorset.

Dr. Celestine's Carnival of Souls
Mayhem. Horror. Madness. And sometimes . . . salvation. A talented group of writers, working together on a free-form serialized story, set in a carnival built of dreams and chaos.

Follow Charlotte Faulkner as she moves from Alabama to New York and experiences all the drama, romance, and excitement of college ducommunity her freshman year at Bailey University. (This is fiction!) ...

The Squeegee Chronicles
The Squeegee Chronicles is a tale of Pirates, Yams, Stovepipes, War, Wombats, Giants Noodles and Hostile Rogue Piping Systems. For any lover of bizarre comedy, and probably one of the wackiest things ...

The Curly Situation
A serialised crime novel in the style of Carl Hiassen or Janet Evanovitch. Our hero is Curly Gibson, an Aussie cricketer whose talent for accidental sporting success is surpassed only by his talent ...

The End of Things - Diary of a Survivor
So we steeled ourselves. Wrapped up warm against the shock to come and left our shelter again. Every house on the main street we stopped at. Every one the same. Curtains open, doors closed, no sound, ...

On Angels Magazine
Modern Artistic Interpretations, Stories & Poetry Celebrating Angels & the Angelic World