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The Community for people who Blog or run a Live Journal, and who write fiction (fan or original).

Restless Soul of the Dagger
This blog is simply a posting of my fantasy novel that I am currently working on. The novel is entitled Restless Soul of the Dagger, and is about a boy who finds a dagger that contains an imprisoned soul ...

Tremendous Trifles
The place to be when there is something else you should be doing.

The Day The Sun Rose Twice and sank into a boiling sea
surviving the apocalypse and the following anarchy.

DC Green Yarns
DC Green is the award winning author of books for 7-107 year olds such as 'Erasmus James and the Galactic Zapp Machine.' DC's stories are filled with laughter, adventure, fantasy and excitement. On his ...

Sylvia Day | Sensual Romance Author :: Weblog
Romance author Sylvia Day shares the trials and triumphs of writing in today's publishing industry.

(Un)Dead Man Blogging
This blog is the first person account of the FBI's (rather reluctantly) first undead special agent.

Sensual Magick
Where the mysterious and impassioned ignite! The journey of aspicommunity writer of paranormal & suspense romance & romantica -- Jennifer Bianco.

Daily dose of life at a hilariously dysfunctional office. Catty gossip, mind-boggling memos, and a beleaguered heroine for whom things just might, finally, be looking up.

Diary of a man trapped in a city with strange citizens, some unreal and a few dark and scary. His feelings and tales about his surroundings conform the clues about the reality of that place.{;}[text in ...

university = evil. writing = good.

Byzantium's Shores
An ongoing journal about just about anything I can imagine -- occasionally politics, occasionally rants about Star Wars fans, reviews of books I read, and a journal of my attempts to remove the "aspicommunity" ...

Silmataurea - the starlit woods
My blog of my Lord of the Communitys fanfictions - german!

Bow. James Bow
The blog of thirty-five-year-old author James Bow. Watch him hold forth on his writing, politics, urban issues and more.

The Happy Stevensons
An ongoing fictional blog: Jason Stevenson, literary connoisseur and self-proclaimed "sentimental traveler of cyber-space," has just moved his family from San Francisco to the Northern California wilderness. ...

Musings from a StoryTeller
Personal site with original fiction, educational info on animals - pedigreed and wildlife, spiritual pages - wicca, shamanism, paganism, and some pages just for fun

Shining Echoes
This is a blog about no particular genre. I'm writing in a noir style currently about a mystery concerning love, theft, art and death. The main character is an ex hit man who developed a conscious after ...

Jayme Lynn Blaschke's Gibberish
The dubious and questionable rants, ravings and other commentary offered by science fiction writer (among other things) Jayme Lynn Blaschke. Never heard of him? Try Googling. That ought to turn up som ...

A Dark November
A Dark November is an online novel, with 16 chapters posted. It is fiction, of the romantic, erotic, mystery nature. Set in a small town it involves a real estate agent, a woman and a mystery.

Twisted Deviant
Just a place where I post random thoughts, works in progress, poetry, or interesting sites that come my way.

DweamGoiL's Web Getaway
Various original works about the paranormal and other mysterious and disturbing topics.

Zaphael's Journey
Zaphael the monster hunter and her companions fight to save their world from an army of darkness. But an even greater threat may lie hidden in the shadows of the past, where secrets are buried and history ...

Sensible Insanity
A strong dose of madness to keep up with our shameful society.

Memoris Of Lan Black
Lan Black is the young commander of his self made knights called the Black Jack Knights. This is the diary of his rise to power and becoming one of the most powerful knights in the known world...

The Internment Hour
Short fiction for small people in a biggish world. Read the harrowing adventures of the Management in his quest to own all and solve the world's problems, sometimes two or three at a time! Brought to you ...

In The Shadow of Mt. Hollywood
John Bruce's Observations on Education, Epistemology, Writing, Work, and Religion: a personal blog that includes several serialized blog novels