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an anime/manga fanfiction clique for sadomasochistic ficcers ^^

the imaginary
This is my fic blog. I not only rant about my fics (which should suprise no one that reads the page, so bugger off if you don't want to hear about them XD) but my thoughts and ideas about ficcing, writing, ...

Sainan no Kekka Blog
A weblog where the authors of the Gundam Wing epic Sainan no Kekka wax eloquent about their writing.

Padded Walls
Steph's fic blog, mostly consolidation of fics that seem to be everywhere and nowhere at once.

Glomping Butterflies
Hikaru's fic blog. It's not updated on a regular basis, but there you have it-- a letter opener.

Golden Apples
Erm, updated sporadically. ^^;;

A fic/pic/translation project archive of sorts.

qu'est ma chatte?
harpy's fic log: scraps of fanfiction and ramblings about the same. Genres range from gen to het to slash, never /particularly/ explicit; fandoms include Angel Sanctuary, Gundam Wing, Final Fantasy Eight. ...

A way to siphon off all fic ideas, snippets and generally rant. >_> Not exactly attractive, the way I think but I s'pose that was to be expected.

Unicorn Blues
My fic blog, where I blog about my fics, other's fics, and ficcing in general. I write manga and anime based fanfiction.

Dream Weaving
Snippets of the fics that I'm working on are stored here. Not updated as much as my main blog, but I try... ^_^;;