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My forum for all things stitch (knitting, sewing, embroidery) and occasional snarky comments about politics or my research. Sometimes photos of my favorite little beasts even sneak in.

Tightly Wound~Loosely Knit
This is the home of a sometimes tightly wound wife, mother of 4, working woman who loosens up with knitting whenever possible :)

Bleu Arts
all about art and the arts of crafting.

Stix and the City
A first year law student knits her way through 1L.

Limping Scrod
A place for me to burble on about my (mainly fibre-related) craft activities.

A chronicle of the fiber life and designs of a snow-minded girl living in Southern California.

Cottage46 Knitter
One more blog where an obsessive knitter can keep track of her UFOs

Stitchy Fingers
(mostly) crafty projects, in progress and finished

Well behaved Women Rarely make history
Adventures in Knitting, Family, Life!

Griffin Yarns
I am a knitting designer who is a Nurse in her spare time. I try to design patterns that are easy to use with a twist. I talk about my knitting, designs for sale, knitting tips and tricks, as well as ...

Odd Ball Knitting
Mainly about knitting, and a few other bits and pieces

Lissa's Long Yarn

casa java knits
coffee and knitting and yarn and spinning and children and life...

Notes on weaving, sewing, knitting, stitching, dyeing, and anything else I happen to pick up. Tutorials and finished project gallery to come.

Knitting blog with some crochet, sewing, quilting, and art.

The Big Adventures of Mama-E
My adventures in Knitting and misadventures in parenting.

Cosmopolitan Purls
knitting, spinning, and life in Japan

Suckers, Anonymous
Where I show off my crafty side and and occasionally give unasked-for opinions on all sorts of interesting things.

Bonnets and Skulls
A blog regarding knitting, spinning, life, music, and everything else!

Sheep Rustling
A blog about my knitting, crochet, spinning, beading and other textile arts, and my family.

Knitting Neels

daily fiber intake
knitting, spinning, living, dyeing

Angelarae Knits
This is a blog about my life as a knitter in Raleigh, NC.

Knitting On Call
Just a little blog about knitting, spinning, medicine, babies, and such.

Professor Knitwit
Read about a young professor navigating the world of academia and knitting

Blog by a quilter in the Midwest who makes traditional quilts and collects antique quilts also.

Crafty Chick Knits
Ramblings about knitting, life, whatnot.

From the farmstead where the wool begins on the sheep and winds up on some sort of needle.

Bear Mountain Picnic
Adventures in spinning and knitting in Santa Cruz, California. Handspun yarn available for sale.

Rooted in Knit-reality
A site where I can talk about my hair, my knitting and my life.

Lost Arts studio
A lot of the fiber arts I enjoy are things like tatting, netmaking, chair caning, and even weaving, where people will come up to me when I demonstrate and solemnly tell me, "That's a lost art."

Diva Kitty & The Fluffies
Me, my furry kids, my rants and my projects

red bird knits
personal musings of a knitting spinning on-line yarn store owner.

Cledry Yarner
A blog about handspinning, knitting and other textile activities from a smallholding in West Cornwall UK. It also discusses CFS/ME

Lavender Knits
My main focus is knitting and spinning but I love all fibre arts. I\'m a craftaholic. What else can I say? Any kind of craft I\'ve tried at least once and have all the tools and supplies to prove it. ...

Pickin\' and Throwin\'
Two friends, one from WI and one from IN who blog about our knitting adventures

Lisathemom\\\'s Blogspot
Knitting, quilting, and other tidbits of useless..er, useful information

random ramblings, current projects, future projects, cute yarn, daydreams about quitting my job so I can sit at home and drink coffee and knit all day long...

Amber Joy Knits
Amber Joy lives in the Twin Cities, MN and spends far too much time knitting and thinking about knitting. This is her blog.

Knitting on Impulse
The eclectic musings of a woman happily addicted to fiber and textile arts of every sort, with inspirational asides on life, the universe and everything.

Annie Knits
I knit and that's that.

A Knit's Tale
Ramblings on life and knitting

Confessions of a Graveyard Gypsy
A free curse with every skein!

A lace maze is in jest
Beginning as a knitblog to track my progress ducommunity the Knitting Olympics, I plan to include not only future knitting projects, but also quilting, sewing, and the occasional tacky crocheted afghan ...

Knot 84 Rooms
Information about my Knotted Waxed Linen Sculptures and other Textile Sculpture artist that I find of interest.

I caught the knitting bug and now have aquired a large stash of yarn.

Scribble Nation
Self proclaimed fiber junky explores the world of crafty. Fiber arts, jewelry making, traditional art and natural cosmetics.

1 Crafty Bitch
The daily musings of a crafty bitch.

kaeki knits
An exploration of knitting -- from learning new techniques to forays into spinning, with occasional dalliances into travel and adventure.

Yarn About Yarn
An outlet for me to show my freeform knitted/crocheted bags. I have recently been experimenting with needlefelting, wet felting and, having just purchased a spinning wheel, hope to produce some fabulous, ...