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My musings on knitting, looming, and crocheting.

Some thoughts from an asthmatic fiber fanatic!

Kimberli New York - Creativity from the heart of New York City.
Creativity from the heart of New York City. Talk about knitting, theatre, knitting, movies, restaurants and knitting. I also post photos and stories about my travels thru Asia and Europe. I work in the ...


the writings of a New England spinster librarian: books, fibers, handspinning, but no cats

My adventures in the fiberarts: knitting, art-quilting, freeform crochet, felting and mixed media; also my beadwork and feeble attempts at incorporating wirework into my fiberart.

I\'ve been knitting since I was just a little girl, I design most of my own stuff, or at least changing things until I feel like they\'re mine. I started spinning about 4 years ago when I lived in England. ...

20 Thousand Things
This is my art blog which includes(but is not limited to) my weaving, knitting and quilt projects.

smitten with knittin
this girl's love of knitting and spinning

Crochet, Knitting, Art, Literature Crochet, Tejidos, Arte, Literatura

Suzann's TextileFusion
Textile artist and writer can't decide whether to knit, crochet, quilt, sew, or embellish, so she does all of them, often together. Her adventures chronicled here.

Mason-Dixon Knitting
Ann lives in Nashville and Kay lives in New York City. Ann\'s husband calls them \'the nation\'s leading bi-regional knitting blog\'. They knit and blab. A lot.

A quirky look at yarn and what I think about it.

Hilde\'s place for crocheting and knitting.
Adventures in knitting and crocheting in Norway

An almost daily blog of my knitting projects and adventures, as well as some misadventures.

Pink Lemon Twist
Knitting, Spinning and my crazy life

A Stitch in Time
My blog is a place to track the various needle arts projects I\'m working on and to share whatever else pops into my mind.

Monster Crochet
Currently fighting and losing the battle of a crochet-controlled existence.

this is a month-old blog documenting my projects. they are mainly dyeing and spinning plus two knitted dog sweaters.

yarns and threads
An internet record of my craft activities - knitting, embroidery, crochet, sewing and whatever I manage to finish. I am hoping it will inspire me to finish some of my numerous works in progress

Once Upon a Time... A Journey to Middle England
Knitting, Spinning, and Gardening in Central England

Nova Knitter
Knitting in small town Nova Scotia (plus ancedotes of my 2 Airedales)

Knitty Kessa

Sheepless in Suburbia
...diary of an urban shepherd. Musings, photos, adventures, and tall tales about weaving, spinning, knitting, and life as an urban shepherd.

Happy Acres
My own little world where I can write about my family, farm, and fiber arts.

Creative Quilt Girl
Quilting, knitting, and other sewing adventures with the Creatvie Quilt Girl

Strikkekattens hi
What ever the knittingcat is doing at the moment

Crazy Lanea
My web log of knitting, quilting, spinning, sewing, picking, clogging, and pecking away at shiny objects.

Alianne Knits
See my knitting and spinning.

Marie Grace...Yarn Slayer
Busy knitting mom of 4.

To Knit, Perchance To Dream...
My online journal of my fiber journey, life, and stuff.

Daily Distractions
This is my site that outlines all the Daily Distractions in my life. All good distractions of course - knitting, reading and all sorts of other crafties.

Knitting Nurse
come over for a vist with my ramblings about knitting, family, nursing, life and anything else that may be on my mind!

knitting on the Avenue ...
Knitting on the Avenue is where I live, knit and design. Somewhere alone the line I\'ve also collected a family and Chloe the cat, who all fit in well with my crazy obsession of collecting yarns and knitting ...

aut disce aut discedere

Lick My Sticks
A blog about knitting, heavy metal and the sitcom that is my life.

Spinning Sue
Mumblings about my fibre adventures

I'm a novice knitter, quilter and even more so to the arts of crochet. This is my online journal of my craft adventures.

Knitting on the Rogue River
Life is all about color!

Alpaca Rose
My journey moving to the country & my love of Knitting, Gardening, Quilting and all kinds of crafty adventures.

Hearts on Fibre
Weave, Knit, Crochet, Spin...It's Do or Dye.

Into the Mind of the Frod
I\'m totally addicted to yarn and knitting. I\'ve been knitting for about 3 years and crocheting for over 20. That makes me feel so old. lol I blog about my adventures in yarn and my family.

My fiber world and bits and pieces of everything else.

shape the world, one stitch at a time My knitting world

In My knitting/crochet blog one needs to watch out for all the frogs hopping around. I do alot of freehand knitting without patterns and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. Ocassionally I do ...

wooldancer art yarns with soul
Musings of yarn creating, fiber crafting & parenting twins.

A Sheep In Wools\' Clothing
Long time knitter, intermediate spinner's journey through fiber and its art.

Brooklyn Handspun - Spinning in Brooklyn
Join me in my downward spiral into fiber addiction! Spinning funky fun yarns - they are also for sale!!! and watch me and my tourtured knitting skills.

beadntat by design
Why I Knit, Tat, and Bead: A Survivors Guide to Doctoral Education in Nursing

Lizards In The Leaves
My blog is a place to present my work and thoughts on fiber arts, primarily knitting, spinning, felting. Occasionally I will share my poetry or write about books.