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Click Member link to see site in tvJust in the Knit of Time
knitting blog and general chit chat about my family

Knitting Wench
So Cal knitter with KY ties who keeps LYS owners in both locals happy. Seem to keep coming back to Rowan & Noro, though open to other relationships, really.

Morning Glory Knits
This is all about my knitting and crochet adventures, with some watercolor and collage artwork interspersed with it.

Fiber Brain

a quiet guy's journaling of his adventures in various forms of stitchwork (knit, crochet, needlepoint, cross stitch) and gardening.

a movable feast
Reflects my involvement with textiles. Also musings on other aspects of life that I find inspicommunity such as food,travel, literature.

Tangled Stitch
musings of a fiber artist, hand embroiderer and knitter

The Life of a Busy Little Bee
Mostly posts about knitting. I do, however, post on education, life stuff, and other crafts from time to time as well.

The Scullery
The Scullery, home of Harley the SculleryCat and Catherine the SculleryMaid. We play with yarn.

She Was Twisted
My weblog about mothecommunity, knitting, spinning, weaving, dyeing and all things crafty.

Knitting Libran
The knitting, spinning, and cooking ramblings of a Libran. Whatever shall I do first?

Dutch Knitting
A site about my knitting and spinning adventures

Knitting Underway
Knitting my way around the world.

Physical activity has taken priority in my life, but I still have a soft spot in my heart for knitting and crocheting.

The Knifty Knitter
A blog where I write about my obsession with knitting.

riverrim blog
Thoughts from life along the riverrim, including the garden, the chickens, the rabbits and spinning.

Seaside Muse
Here is where Susan talks about what is on her mind, which is usually fiber related, but being a curious soul, can be about most anything.

Freshisle Fibers
Knitting, spinning, and natural dyes. Suffolk wool yarn on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada.

A blog where I can talk about my love of knitting and spinning - -and my husband and kids don't have to pretend they care.


Knittin' Mom
Blog of an obsessive knitter trying to raise two kids under 3 and run a household.

Clementine\'s Shoes
A blog about my adventures in knitting, sewing, designing, cooking, eating, and gardening

Katts Creative Knitting Corner
mother of two. I am adicted to knitting. I do it a lot! Come and read my journey

Confessions of a Stash Junkie: A Crochet/Knitting Blog
Documents the confessions of a yarn stash junkie / beginning knitter / intermediate crocheter. My favorite projects are baby items, scarves, and magazine & book reviews.

creative stuff I'm working on...arts, fiber, and some occasional musings about other aspects of my life

Road Less Traveled
knitting and rambling through life

Knit One Quilt Too
The knitting and quilting adventures of one busy mom in Oregon.

Talullah\'s World
The insane ramblings of a woman driven mad who prefers creating and playing to housework.

Dyeing, spinning, knitting. Usually in that order.

needle book
A blog dedicated to arts & crafts, created by a children's book illustrator. Includes illustration, knitting, sewing, embroidery, bead knitting, appliqué and crochet projects.

Garrison\'s Garret Fiber Art
My site will contine information about my current projects. When I grow up I want to open my own fiber art company and sell my stuff under Garrison's garret. Garrison is my maiden name.

Purling Sprite
A journal of my adventures in looming and my stumbling with knitting needles.

Domestic Piracy
Being a blog of the domestication of pirates, including but not limited to knitting, quilting, spinning, gardening, cooking, and homebrewing...as well as whatever else happens through the empty space where ...

The Stitchin' Sheep
Knitting blog of an American in France.

Tag team blogging from Los Angeles.

JAG Knits
Home of JAG BAG Felted Bags, knitting, tons of links and favorites, free knitting patterns, monthly knit for charity site, and MUCH MORE

it's not all black & white but it's indigo -- weblog of Oceanwind Knits designer, Lori Law.

Extreme Adventures in Motherhood and Knitting

Postcards From Pemberly
My life and my hobbies of knitting, beading, spinning, and whatever else I fancy!

Musings of a (mostly) self-taught knitter.
A blog about my trial and errors teaching myself to knit, the development of a knit-addiction, and my thoughts and experiences in the world of yarn.

handknitter . . . a blog
An always wordy and sometimes interesting tour through my knitting life.

One Crazy Fiber Lady
The ramblings of a seriously affected fiberholic heavily into spinning, knitting and her twins.

Greenberry Days and Dreams
Random thoughts and happenings here on the farm in in the mountains of Virginia as I tend to gorgeous German Angora rabbits, sell antiques and books, and try to find time to sit and spin.

I live in both the academic world and the world of art and self-expression. Finding time to balance the two is my essential dilemma.

Mozemen's Blues
Fiber. Politics. Teenagers. World travel. That about covers everything, doesn't it?

Needles and Wool
My obsession with knitting. I also hope to learn to spin and dye someday soon.

The Gabby Knitter
gabbing about knitting and spinning

As the Yarn Turns
Discussions of my knitting, spinning, and other fibery pursuits as well as some other ramblings about my life.

susan in stitches
quilting,knitting,crochet,cats and goats on 10 acres of aussie bush

shelby knits
Documenting my knitting projects, plans, and thoughts. Learning to love the craft through work, trial, and lots of error.