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Click Member link to see site in tvThe Secrets of Yarn
This blog is about my project called The Secrets of Yarn. I hope to provide information, and a place of discussion about materials commonly used in all manner of handwork/fiber art. It is my deep belief ...

Knitwith Homespun
A simple blog about my family and mostly my hobbies of knitting, spinning, cooking, and geocaching.

Spinning Ninny
A blog dedicated to my crafty endeavors - spinning, knitting and otherwise, and punctuated with sarcasm, rugby, books, and road trips.

Knitaholics Anonymous
A blog about my obsession with knitting, my job, my husband and my pets.

Fibers by Tracie
This is where I discuss my adventures in fiber. Most are crochet adventures, but I'm branching out into knitting and dyeing and I'd love to try spinning soon. I am also trying to become a designer and ...

MotherHen knits, spins and enjoys living in CNY.

Catirina Bonet Designs
This blog is about life, art, knitting, crochet, and sewing. I will write about techniques, tips, design, and the community of art and creativity.

YARRRRRN - A Crochet Blog
The blog of a yarn-obsessed crocheter.

I talk about what's going on in my knitting and spinning and felting life, my finished objects, tools, some other etsy sellers and more.

Twenty acres and NO sheep
Knitting, spinning, weaving and any other fiber arts that catch my fancy - done in the rural SE Minnesota countryside.

A blog about my knitting, crochet and art. Free patterns and general musing.

Beadknitter Gallery
A journal of my beading, knitting, pets, moose, and life.

verona's Strickstube
all about knitting, fiber, book reviews and yarnstore reviews.

blog about knitting and adventures in knitting

Fiber Art Chic
American-Israeli fiber artist who loves wool and dying, silk and experementing with all. I Also love collage and figucommunity out how to put it all together. I am hope to learn spinning.

Stcommunity Theories
I'm just another handspinning, handweaving, knitting, dyeing hippie chick trying to achieve serenity through yarn.

rebel knitter...knitting the seeds of rebellion
In which I write about knitting, politics, music and how my dear dog Jack keeps me sane.

Lilleducks sirkler
This is a spinning knitters blog.

Trampled by Geese
Trampled by Geese, a blog about knitting, spinning, philosophy, gardening and one girl’s attempt to make her way in this world. Feel free to have a look around, there are lots of exciting updates these ...

Alpaca Envy
A weekly record of my journey into the land of knitting & spinning. I write about projects, field trips, stash, fiber arts frustrations & insights.

Adventures in Yarn Addiction
A documentation of my ongoing forays into the yarn and textile arts.

Here Be Knitting
An Aussie blogging about her knitting and her decision to start from nothing on 200 acres of land!

A musicologist with cats knits, spins, and thinks about medieval music.

Creative Stitches by Lynn
I'm a fiber artist, painter, longarm machine quilter. I enjoy dying fabric, painting on it, embellishing it, quilting it, etc.

The Weaving Shed
Weaving, knitting, and creating. Thoughts, ideas, and creations.

Yarn Goddess
This blog showcases my latest projects and provides a place for me to share my patterns with the world at large.

thefunkyfelter's news & tips
On the funky felter's blog, you will find news and tips about her traditional feltmaking, handspun yarns, and other crafty endeavors. And, of course, some personal stories to share! You will also find ...

making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident

A blog about my many and varied knitting projects in progress.

Sheep of a Different Color
Follow Sarah as she starts up her fiber dyeing business, deals with a wool allergy, and handles Socrates the cat, thief of hairbands and conquerer of worlds.

Autumn mostly knits sweaters for her dog and occasionally other peoples dogs. Then she takes the new pattern and posts it for you to use. Mix in some stranded color knitting, obnoxious students, and ...

Wool-Crazy in Ottawa
I'm a wool-crazy knitter, with a predilection for sock yarns.

Stitch and Chat
a blog for shacommunity the knitting adventures of people I teach, shacommunity knitting events, resources, interesting articles.

The Quest for Fiber
a blog where I talk about knitting, designing, my garden, colorful inspirations, and my daughter's chihuahua the benefactor of my simple knitting projects

Regaining our sanity, one stitch at a time. Life's a Stitch and then you Frog!

the RhythmMeow makes
i take photos, i knit, i take photos of my knitting. and this is where i write about it.

Is it Time to Knit Yet?
Just another knitter and spinner with not enough time to do it all.

Alterknit Lifestyle

crazy atom orbit
fiber art. travel. knits. things. all my creations in one place.

Life in the Zu
All about my crafting endeavors and every day family life.

Weedwacker Knits
Pick up your knitting needles and coffee and join Weedwacker in the garden.

Learning My Way Through
my ramblings about crochet, knitting, my ever-growing stash, writing a dissertation and parenting a preschooler.

Growing Colour
My site is about growing the plants that I use to dye the fibres and fabrics that I use to make my felt landscapes. It is also about the landscapes, the ideas and the process of making them.

Seed Stitch
A group knitting blog started by a bunch of garden nerds.

Blog devoted to chronicling my adventures in knitting and also my store, lucindacknits.com

Musings at Windyridge
Spinning, knitting, dyeing and raising fiber animals. Family activities with our teenage boys and outdoor adventures on our hobby farm and elsewhere.

Crafty Girly

Granny's Hippie Threads
This blog will follow my road to losing weight, my yoga journey, my road to becoming a more "green" citizen of earth, and whatever I'm crocheting, the thread or yarn that holds everything together

Full Circle
I'm currently a fiber artist in residence at the McColl Center for Visual Arts in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Crooked Oak Designing
My love affair with all things fiber! Discussion of current projects and various other rantings.