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this community is for anyone that have a shrine on final fantasy girls (Rinoa heartilly, Selphie tilmitt, quistis trepe, tifa lockhart, yuffie, aeris, yuna, ryukku, lulu, eiko, garnet, ellone...etc)

Shrine to FFVIII's lovely leading lady, Rinoa Heartilly.

FF Femmes
A shrine to all the Final Fantasy ladies.

Alexandria Temple
REALY GOOD Site {in my opinion}

Concealed Heart
A shrine to Celes Chere of Final Fantasy VI

~*Zack - Aerith*~ couple site
FF7's couple romance site on Aerith and Zack, an official couple and love site.

Princess Shana : v. 1.0 - Dreams.
This site has everything that you dreamed it to have. ^_~