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The FFG Community is a collection of websites dedicated to the concepts and members of the Red Dragon Inn, Stars End Spaceport, and Dueling forums on America Online. These are role-playing interactive forums, where members of AOL may play the role of a character of their creation. This community is closed to new members. If you wish to join an RDI or FFRP related community please go to this site http://www.dragonsmark.com/community.php

Devon Goral - FFG Profile
Web site for Devon Goral; protector, denizen of RhyDin, and former shadowrunner.

Tezzle Norri
A site all about Tezzle Norri, containing his profile, history, recent adventures, etc.

The stories of one of the regulars of the Less Crowded Inn, and a doorway to the stories of the others.

Nexus Arcanus Roleplaying Forum
Nexus Arcanus is a community designed for a variety of play-by-post games (not video games), including but not limited to d20 variants, GURPS, and V:TM. Forum creator and host is a programmer who is constantly ...