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A fan of Final Fantasy? A girl? Then join this community!

«Concealed Heart»«Celes Chere»
A site dedicated to Celes Chere of Final Fantasy III/VI.

The Madhouse
A slightly insane site dedicated to some of my favourite Final Fantasy characters, as well as housing my fan fiction, art and poetry. You can also adopt your own character here

ShinRa Corporation
This is a French site but we have an "English corner" with some FF fanfictions in English. That apart, you can find fanart, animated gifs, downloads, game tips and loads of surprises if you can read F ...

Mystical Courage
Just my small, opinonated Terra shrine,with lots of written content to make up for my lack of images.

A collection of shrines dedicated to ff8's Rinoa, Edea and Ultimecia. Contains spoilers. Includes battle info, statistics, etc.

Lucifer light