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Interesting facts about Internet sites


The world with the introduction of internet has surely become a small place. Information can be exchanged, businesses can be run, classes can be attended and movies can be watched, just by a few clicks of a mouse. Internet has become the new best friend of a common man.


Internet site or a web site is a mesh of interlinked web pages, videos, links, images and digital information. Addressed with an IP address or a common domain name, an internet site is a pool of information in itself. An Internet site is made up of a large number of web documents or pages developed with the help of HTML or XHTML (Hyperlink Transfer Markup Language). A page in the Internet site may incorporate various elements from other Internet sites so that they can act as suitable anchors for markup.


The pages of an Internet site can be accessed and transported along the Internet Network with the help of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Provision of security is always available in the form of encryption to provide security and privacy to the user and to secure the information being displayed on the site. Any Internet site can be accessed by a web user with the help of WWW or World Wide Web. Each Internet site has a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or a home page. All the pages of the site are linked to each other with the help of Hyperlinks.


An Internet site may be of different kinds such as:


Commercial Site: An internet site engaged in the business of selling products or services. The address of the site ends with “.com”


Personal Site: An internet site that may provide information about individual, group or a community. A personal site can have different kinds of ending.


Organizational Site: An internet site that advocates an opinion or a point of view. The address of the site ends with “.org”.


Educational Site: The purpose of these sites is to provide information regarding educational establishments and about the educational events. The internet address of the sites ends with “.edu”.


An Internet site can be static or dynamic in nature. The information on its web pages can be stored on the server for a static site or can be changed or customized accordingly for a dynamic site. Thus, an internet site is definitely a pool of information provided within your grasp.

Paw Paw's Homepage
This is where Paw Paw, Mee Maw, Tater, and Odie hang out on the Internet. Drop by and say "Howdy!"

The Ferret garage
Description of the three ferrets that have adopted us.

Denton's Ferrets
Tinky was my first ferret, now I have Moz. This is about them.

Brand Ferrets
Brand Ferrets is a breeder in Spokane, Wa. offecommunity information about ferrets, that are for sale (kits) and about ferrets in general.

©Jadesun's Lair
Welcome to my litter lair in cyberspace that I share with 3 of my best friends, who have had a wonderful impact in my life :o) Jade Elaine, Daisy Mai & Amber-Lynn :o)

Robert's Ferrets
My ferrets, Buffy and Faith, establish an internet presence. They have a photo gallery and webcams!

all about ferret, in italian linguage, do not miss

Welcome to the World of Furry O's Ferrets
Furry O's Ferrets is a ferret rescue and shelter in Pennsylvania. Our site has information about us, ferret ownership, care, adoption, why we breed, and more.

Our 7 ferrets have allowed us to have a website describing the joys (and love) of cohabitating with them! Our Bubbies rule our castle, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Angels Chihuahuas
Ferrets, Chihuahuas, Sugar gliders, puppies

Professional book of poems,stories,illustrations, sometimes touching , sometimes funny about the mayhem world of ferrets.{;}Always colorful.Always fun.

Ferret Frenzy
My site is all about my 2 lovable furry boys Elliot and DS.

Hidey Hole Vault
Ferret Graphics Only..Original and Sheltered Graphics, backs, lines, buttons, shadows, stickers, sounds, add a link, fun pages, everything you need to build a ferret site.{;}

Ferret's Page
This is a personal page for my ferrets.

A Ferret's Life
Fun facts and miscellaneous information about ferrets including: health, history, care, litter training, erroneous myths, typical day, cages, cleaning, playtime, ferret pictures, and various ferret links ...

Angi the Pants
Random rants by Angipants about being a parent to ferrets, So Cal, motorcycles, knitting, books and life.

Manitoba Ferret Association & No Kill Shelter
The Manitoba Ferret Association is your one-stop source of ferret-related links, information, products, fun and so much more!