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a community for any online diarist who believes in equality.

we have brains
a collaborative writing site for feminists.

exhibitionism for the shy.

Purple Elephant's Corner
This is me and whatever I feel like writing about today, Parenthood, Veganism, Feminism, Environmental issues or whatever else takes my fancy.

Royal Blue
My chance to write about whatever I want--life as I know it as a 30-something feminist wife, mother and creative worker bee.

:::lynne's fabulous life

Eso que llaman mi vida
{;}Weblog de una treintaņera viviendo sola.{;}{;}

Pen-Elayne on the Web
Elayne Riggs' blog

That cat can walk like a big bad man's journal
Random thoughts and rantings of a girl living in Milano.

insert witty comment here
adventures of a bisexual feminist photographer, in the kitchen and elsewhere

Mind Vomit by the ikss ~ A Journal
ikss' journal. Pert-near daily mouthing off about miscellaneous noteworthy (at least to her) items.

Ideas and stories from my head, my life, and the spaces between.

Alva Starr's Live Journal
Delve into the psyche of a 28-year-old misanthropic chick with a crazy, cock-eyed sock monkey sidekick! Read the Adventures Of Alva Starr and feel blessed that you didn't get her life. It's much like watching ...

Ninth Ninja
A site with 2 and a half authors. Go get'em.

Martha Knows Everything
{;}A random sample of my writing, including a piece about the truly great Molly Kiely and my body manifesto and an ancient rave about Kevin Spacey...

>> i'll be love suicide <<
poetry & such from a 17 year twrling vixen.

The Origami Box
I am a lesbian, feminist, teenaged, tomboy, sophomore in highschool. I write rants, essays, and daily ramblings. I'm usually moderately entertaining, and funny. My entries are usually intelligent, and ...

I know this is probably bad for me
I am: a 30-something woman living with my nearly-4 year old son, my networking-guru, beer-brewing, biking, medieval literature-reading hubby, 3 demanding cats and one fat nuerotic dog.{;}{;}I am: a veteran ...

Feminist Stripper: Alysabeth's Journal
Actor, writer, stripper and feminist advocate for women's right to freedom of sexual choice.{;}

edge of the season
personal journal of an artist, feminist and fat activist.

Tenshi Androgynous
Well... It's a journal, with all the good (inspired ranting) and bad (drama, self-pity, my unfortunate online quiz addiction) that entails. I can promise, however, that it isn't all stupid quizzes and ...

Goddess of Deth's LiveJournal
My personal journal, which covers everything from my daily life, my positions on feminist and other issues, the metal scene, and my activism work.{;}{;}{;}

Personal site of East Tennessee Femme FTMSO. Includes articles, photos, links, and greeting cards. Most of the articles have been or will be published in major Trans Community publications.{;}{;}{;}

wise woman rising
a wise woman uprooted.{;}{;}{;}

heavenlyging's diary
The diary of a feminist who teaches, acts, sings and designs websites.

Neurotic Fishbowl
The Neurotic Fishbowl that is my life.