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A community exclusively for the women of the furry fandom. Sorry boys, you're not welcome in this one. ;)

Green and bee filled.{;}Furry art, and non furry photograpy

Bard Dog Studio
My furry art page. Much of my art has a gothic influence to it, and I mostly work in marker. Please have a look!

Tundra's Sketchpad
A cute little place where my artwork can be viewed.

Becky's Wildlife and Fantasy Art
Professional wildlife, fantasy and furry art by Rebecca Kemp.

Kit's Art Haven
This is just my little home to display my furry art. It's all good, clean stuff. Stories that go along with my art are also included.

~*~A Little Vyxen's Corner~*~
Lots of little things to do. Includes a gallery of my artwork on Side7 and lots of other stuff!

RedDog Art
Art by Chrissy Neff. Features a variety of anthro art, lots of wildlife art, and fantasy art too.

Parallel-9: The Creations of Ultraviolet
Art and Creative ideas by artist Ultraviolet. Clean AND adult art. Hopefully a wide variety for everyone.{;}Under a8's please tread carefully.

Gril Online
I love to draw anthros, especially with a midieval type theme! Foxes, mice, canines and rabbits a focal point. Felines and reptiles tend to be a weakness. But I have fun. =) Commissions available ...

Cuddly Battleship Kattywampus' Purrsonal Space
This is my Purrsonal Space.. I'm a Wampus Cat who enjoys doing art, music, costuming, and..dang..all kinds of stuff! A web version of my comic, Kwality, is in the works.

Technodrome is a Biker Mice from Mars fan page owned by a mouse girl called Mizeleingzelo "Mize" de Megazone.

Kay Shapero's Web Site
my personal site - furry fiction, the filk FAQ, my filksongs (& other musical stuff) FIDOnet info (and the net 102 home page), links to interesting places

Katarina's Page O' Wenches and Stuff
Chock full o' goodness! My anthropomorphic art, TaleSpin and WoW fanart, online portfolio, commission info, and more!

Forrest Dreams Studio
Welcome to Forrest Dreams, creators of the worlds of Meldaron and Talladoon - featucommunity some unique characters. Enter a new World.

"599 Howling Wolf Lane" -- A Den For Louve
My site is mainly a tribute to the Wolf, which includes furry content. Besides wolf poetry, and conservation info, etc, it also includes links to Furry sites, pictures from Furry conventions, and comissioned ...

An original series revolving around a group of four cat girls as the gaurdians of a little girl who is wanted for her powers and the mayhem that occurs.

Black Crystle's Cavern
This site is full of all my wonderful anthropomorphic and fantasy art. Along with my story that i am making about my character, Black Crystle, with her friends and their adventures.

Gothkitty's Asylum
My personal/furry site with artwork, information on myself, and an order form on how to commission me. Creator of the Gothic_Furries site community and Live Journal Community.

Furry art and misc art

The Ravine
My art studio, which contains original furry, fantasy and anime artwork, along with a few of fan works & whatever else I decide to add on.

Amber's Anthros
Character listing of my furries that I role play over AOL. Come vist them!

Wildcat Creations
From tigers and anthros to miniatures and comic strips, there's quite a selection of medias to view at "Wildcat Creations". All presented to you by the Anthromorph known as Tigrr Wildcat.

Pirate Island: TaleSpin and Don Karnage
Over 150 pieces of fan art, several fanfics, multimedia and everything you ever wanted to know about Don Karnage!

Lamya's Nocturnal Lair
Made from a Evil Mind, for Evil Ones.

Pixel's Furry Art
Pixel's art site for furry creatures (anthromorphic) ~and NOT so furry it seems. Many are characters from various Mucks/mush/mu*'s and many are of her own characters.