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A community for every girl and every woman that owns a photoblog and loves photography.{;}Un community per ogni bambina, ragazza, donna, che possiede un photoblog e ama la fotografia.

world in my eyes
A girl and her digital camera.

: b l o G G o i M M A g i n i :
...ciņ che resta di una visione

Under Developed
Pictures of everyday life and faraway places.

my photos, my imagine, my visual art...

the blink of an eye
{;}lost myself in the blink of an eye

=^.^= Viewpoint of a Cat =^.^=
My first, love, photoblog.

I miei occhiali oggi vedono a rovescio
{;}Quello che passa attraverso i miei occhiali rovesciati

One hour blog
Il mio punto di vista in un click.

All the shades you are have been shown...
This is a site that i use only for my photography. I develop my own film and make my own prints myself. Most of the photos are made with black & white film.

Red Gecko Studio
For the love of photographing extraordinary people.

Beffany's 365
a college student's 365

Ich habe hier meine Lieblingsfotos und ein paar meiner Versuche mit Bryce, Photoimpact (hier und hier) reingestellt . Mir ging es dabei nicht um die Herstellung gefeierter Kunstwerke, ich wollte ...