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There is nothing more meaningful that you can give another than something made with your own hands. One of the oldest crafts that you can take up is Needle Felting. This community is all about Needle Felting and using felting yarn to make beautiful things.
Here is where you can learn about the uses of felting yarn and the art of needle felting. Find all kinds of information, lessons, tips, advice and Needle Felting products right here and open yourself to a world of creativity and history.

Felting Yarn. Needle Felting
This is your best spot to Learn how to do Needle felting and Felting Yarn crafts.We offer Easy Instructions as well as Felting Yarn Tutorials, Patterns, Books and much more.

Needle Felting and Felting Yarn right Here!
Open up a world of creativity and Learn how to do Needle felting. We've got Felting Yarn, Easy Instructions, Felting Yarn Tutorials, Patterns, Books and more.

Felting Yarn and Needle Felting - Some How-To and More
Needle felting is a popular art craft and is the earliest and yet the most modern method of felting. Through the use of needles you can easily design the felt according how you want them to be. There is a lot of creativity involved in creating needle felting. There are special barbed needles which are used for the felting so that the top layer of the wool is pushed into a deep layer.

The steps to learn how to needle felt are very easy to follow; firstly you need to decide what shape you want to make. Now draw that shape on a piece of paper and cut the shape out. Next, you should tear the wool which is both half an inch thick, as well as bigger than the shape which you cut on the paper. Next you should lay the foam and start poking the needle in random manner. It should be kept in mind that the needle is moved up and down. Now, with a very sharp pin, pin-up the shape you want to have on the wool, you should also poke the needle up and down on the corner of the shape until the fibres become compressed. If any excess wool is seen around the shape then poke it with a needle. In the final step, the design is finally felted into the correct shape.

Felting yarn has become very famous and manufacturers are making the newest yarns possible so that the public can have what they want. All yarns are said to be 100% wool and are made up from a number of stretched fibres that are put together. Natural fibre is said to be ‘cotton’ and animal fibre is ‘wool’ from sheep. Nowadays, there are many different synthetic yarns are on the market, one of these is acrylic. If we compare the natural fibre to those of synthetic fibre, the natural fibre needs more care than the synthetic one. Felting is a lot of fun to try it yourself. It can help you to make your own homemade craft clothing or gifts that are a joy for anyone to own or be given. There are many felting patterns available on the market today and there are various tips for you to use for felting yarn. The first thing that you need is some big needles which should be at least two sizes larger than the yarn. The second step of felting is to ‘finish firmly’ which is to make sure that the over all look has all of the ends woven tightly together.

There are various places from where you can buy felting yarn; felting yarn from Amsterdam, Felting yarn from Athens and Felting yarn from Atlanta. There are many different types of yarn; metallic yarn, knitting yarn and furry yarn. The online site knittingwarehouse.com sells nothing but 100% wool for their felting yarn; they also have the latest designs of yarn available.