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A community for supporters of Freedom of Expression in Fanfiction.

Rough Stones
Slash, Gen, and Het from fandoms including The Phantom Menace, X-Files, and Babylon 5.

The Twins' Web Site
Hosts Highlander the Fanfic Season: season six of Highlander the way the fans wanted it. Also hosts fanfiction for Invisble Man, SG-1, Champions, Sentinel, Kindred the Embraced, Poltergeist the Legacy, ...

Ashera's Archive
Large Xena and Hercules paicommunity archive, that includes{;}slash, lesbian, and het fan fic with a host of characters. Lists stories{;}by paicommunity, by title, and by author. Includes an extensive ...

Raven's Lair
includes a small archive of my stories I'm in the process of writing, a sction devoted to my art, a poetry section and info about me and how to contact me.

The Bard's Den
Rushlight's fanfiction archive. Present fandoms include Star Wars:TPM, Vampires, The Sentinel, and The X-Files. Stories range in rating from G to NC-17 and are predominantly slash.{;}{;}

Dork & Spaz Productions
Not only do we have Star Trek fan fiction spanning all four series, but it's also crossed-over and fused with many other scifi and anime favorites.