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Fantasy Genre: The eye of the imagination


Magic, mystical beasts and supernatural beings are integral parts of Fantasy Genre. Fantasy is one of the many genres that include mystery, science fiction, mainstream and romance. Surprisingly, many debate on the fact that fantasy is one of the oldest genres and its history dates back to Hellenistic Greece. Its origination dates back to ancient civilizations of Babylon, Greece, Arabia and Rome where stories of heroics, magic, gods and goddesses, mythical creatures and adventures are still prevalent even in these modern times.


Earlier written documents on humankind and mythical elements eventually ignited the imagination of the human mind that led to the exploration and expansion of this genre beyond the realms of the human mind. From The Odyssey by the Homer, the Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, Peter Pan by J.M.Barrie and C.S Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia to Alice’s Adventure in the Wonderland, have created a landmark in the Fantasy Genre literature.


Media is the main reason behind making fantasy genre more famous in the recent world of internet and technology. From arts to films, memorabilia to literature and video games all aspects of media have been enrolled to get the common masses hooked onto the Fantasy Genre. Some of the sub genres of fantasy are science fiction, dark fantasy and modern fantasy. Sometimes various genres create many new sub genres. Similarly, fantasy genre has spawned many new subgenres with counterparts in science fiction, horror, mythology and folklore.


Themes used in Fantasy Genre are good versus evil, dark lord, quest for treasure, heroics and magic, which are much loved by the masses. Thus, it won’t be lie if it is said that Fantasy Genre is a topic of obsession among people of various ages ranging from small kids to the elderly. And the huge fan following of J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Star Wars and Stephenie Mayer’s classics about vampires are a testimony of this much loved genre.

Blue Unicorn's World
My site has a gallery of over 500 unicorn pictures. It also houses my author's site and the official site of the Denton Writers League.

short stories about knights, mysteries, dragons, wizards, pegusus, other fiction, fantasy and, stuff about me{;}

Lestat's Lair
A personal site with original graphics,writings and music.A great dragons page with both thumbnails and full size pics.

Lady Pablova's World
My world fantasy. Includes shrine to The Last Unicorn and The Labyrinth. Poetry, fics... So much stuff for a traveler to get lost!

Angie's Land Of Fantasy
I have Unicorns, Fairies, and Poetry. I am working on putting up a page on Dragons and Pegasus as well. I am always adding new things.

Charmeye's Garden
A treasure chest of all my favorite things like Elves, Unicorns, Fae, Anita Blake, Ever After, The Neverending Story, Princess Bride, Romeo & Juliet, Lord of the Communitys, Labyrinth, Romance, as well ...

An Enchanted World
A place to get comfy while you read some old tales (Brothers Grimm, Norse Mythology, Legends from the Rhineland, Gargoyles, real-life legendary women Iceni Queen Boadicea and Mata Hari, etc.), then perhaps ...

Maaginen's Keep in the Sythian Forrest
Enter the Sythian Forrest to see what lurks within..