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A community specially made for sailormoon fiction featucommunity otaku (fan) senshi.

My Starseed - My Fanart
Fanart page, for now only of Sailor Moon. There is a section where you can request a drawing of an otaku senshi!

sailormoon: clarity
Emotional villains, violent heroes, an obnoxious personification of Fate and girls in sailor suits.

Harmony of the Rainbow
Harmony of the Rainbow is a Site about my Otaku Senshi Sailor Iris and the Sailor Olympians! Harmony of the Rainbow contains profiles, images, and ofcourse my fanfiction Sailor Moon I - Iris's Story.

Moonlight Rhapsody: A Sailormoon Chronicle
My otaku story about the Zodiac senshi from the future whose paths become intertwined with modern day Crystal Tokyo. Become a part of the new epic...

Tower of Time: Otaku Senshi
Here you can find a galaxy worth of senshi (around 101 of them), their legacies, and much more. You may also request a picture from the guardians.

Solaris' Crease
A site dedicated to my otaku senshi, Sailorsolaris/Misae Fleury, with images made by me and others, stories, and (if I remember the links) pages for other Otaku senshi I created....

Sailor Moon Z: The Zodiac Zone
The Sol Senshi have dissapeared...In their place comes 5 new, younger scouts, blessed with the powers of the Stars. But also comes a new enemy...The Black Stars, with Zodiac Senshi of thier own...and a ...

Seiza no Senshi::C9RPG
The nexus of the pretty sailor suited soldiers of the constellations, the Seiza no Senshi, and their knight partners. We're in the rebuilding stage (many of our founding members haven't answered e-mails ...