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This community was specifically made for good quality online shojo manga! I am looking for as many good quality shojo manga out there who would like to be part of a community. This community is just a way to gather some great comics together so readers will be able to find your site easier. It doesn't take a lot to get into this community as long as your manga is of good quality and is shojo. I would prefer if your manga had a fantasy kind of background in it, but if it doesn't that's all right.

Candy Pop
This shojo manga is about a young gang leader finding herself wrapped up into a game called Project K.R.O.W. When a new student arrives at her school.

Banana Twist
Three high school friends one day meet a mysterious girl named Tyanne. As she enters their group, friendship, family, love, heartbreak, and a little bit of magic soon become mixed up in each of their lives ...

Cafe Aladdin
Saito Moe stumbles upon a magical cafe called "Cafe Aladdin". Once you walk into this cafe, you may be granted 3 of your deepest wishes... what will she wish for!?

Make My Day
Patricia, the Cinderella of the story, needs a job, really badly. She mindlessly signs up as a Cello tutor for the the hottest guy on the block- Vincent Zumwalt. He's not one of today's gangsters, he's ...