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Pretty Girl Mayuka
a shrine to mayuka of tenchi movie 2! images, info and more!

Konanut's Anime Haven & Fan Fiction Reading Room
Primarily Ranma 1/2 but with many other stories. Come in, put your feet up and stay a while.

Jai-kun's Fanfic Page
This site has changed to not only house my personal fanfiction, but also become my links page. I'll be seperating them soon, though.

Rakna's Homepage
My personal homepage, hosting both my personal fanfiction work and some of my favorites stories. Also contains related art and links to fanfic ressources. Centers mainly on Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Dragonball Z Lives On: The Residence of Ali Mystic's Fanfics
This site is dedicated to my fanfic, Dragonball Z Lives On, which centers around Piccolo and includes the other DBZ characters. Also have fanart and links.

"The Children's Crusade" and other stories
The Official site of "The Children's Crusade" and other stories by I.A. Seldon, a.k.a. The Seldon Planner.

Megumi-sensei's Anime Scratchpad
A small yet worthwhile collection of fanfics based on anime and RPG titles

Blue Toast Productions
Mostly crossovers - okay, almost ALL are crossovers. Everything from humor to horror.

Anime Coffee House
An archive of fanfics written by myself, and other authors.

Top Ace's Fandom
A collection of my fanfics plus fanfics of others, and also a gallery of fanart from popular anime like Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, DBZ, and Yu Yu Hakusho.

Rage Faction(under new ownership)
Not your ordinary Macross or Gundam site. We have downloadable games, pics, gifs, storylines, and a chatroom for both animes. just visit for the hell of it.

Dragon Ball's Palace
English&French, insane, trying to be original, with chibis, TONS of fanfics, fanarts and humor

Welcome to my World
My personal page, full of my fanfics, most of which are crossovers and my artwork and the likes.... I am building a Wufei/Usagi shrine so if you think they are a cute couple, stop on by!

Gundam Wing at Peace
A Gundam Wing page full of Fanfiction of all sorts.

Golden Millennium
A Sailor Moon fanfiction site, with lots to do and learn about. The main character is Sailor Sun, senshi of the stars.

Step Beyond the Abyss
A simple fanfiction site dedicated to the Evangelion fanfic "Step Beyond the Abyss"

Lair of the Phoenix Knight
An anime fanfiction site containing works for several titles. We're always accepting new submissions, so come check us out! The fics contained within include the angst-ridden "Cold" by Umaro, the tear-jerking ...

Kimagure Angel's Fanfiction Homepage
Find links to my Ranma and Kenshin fanfics here. You can also find a link to my guest author page.

Firecat Fanfics
A collection of my fanfics, mainly based on shoujo series such as Please Save My Earth and various works by CLAMP. Some shounen ai, some adult material.

Before You Could Dream
A DragonballZ page focusing mostly on Son Gohan and fanfiction him. It also includes an image gallery, humour, some fanart, and a few fics about other DBZ characters.

Dreamspinner's Fanfic Domain
A site full of original Ranma 1/2 fanfiction, with info, pics and misc. on the hit anime series.

The Pre-Destined Battles A Sailor Moon Fan Fic
A CROSSOVER that is bound to leave some {;}STUNNED, or if not stunned weirded out, or if not weirded out, CRAZED! Or if not crazed Er... NEVER MIND! Just CHECK IT OUT!!!!

Cbjam's Fanfiction Pages
Fanfiction, images, ingo and other goodies for various anime, cartoons, games, and television series, including Blueseed, Here is Greenwood, Teknoman, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Spider-man, Xenogears, ...

Tales of the Wanderer
Home of Tales of the Wanderer: A mulitpart story of a man cast out from the world he called home and the woman he thought he loved; he now wanders from Anime to Anime, hoping the next jump will be the ...

Nuku Nuku's Neko Hanten
does insanity call you from the depths of the internet? You're best bet is that it comes from here. This is where the series The Amazon and the Alien is kept!