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A corner of the web where aspicommunity doujinshi artists can show off their skills. We want to be THE place to go on the web for fanmanga and anime-style comics based on original ideas.

Moonshayde & Nepion's Realm of the Unknown
This site is the holder of the one and only Star Warriors Adventures original manga by me, Gail. Lots of explosions. Also a touch of Slayers fanfiction and Nepions eclectic tastes.

A site containing, amongst other things, A Castlevania comic and a Yugioh! comic

Got Milk? A Miroku Shrine
My original comic "Welcome to InuYasha's Feudal Era!" which is a spoof on "Welcome to Lodoss Island." The site also has a profile for Miroku, and a large image gallery.

Jester is a story about a small Jester Sprite who escapes from the clutches of the evil Master (seriously that's the guys name). The sprite is searching for the two sacred stones that its kind worship. ...

Bad Gang and Bloody Forever
My two online manga :)

Mika's Realm of Bishounen
My site is mostly about the bishounen from different anime I like. I have an Fan Manga section, full of all original art by me. I also have an original manga, but since this is a fan comic community, ...

Twisted Mind
YAOI site with original comic and fics. Also some in Japanese. Also own a fan site (FF, Zelda, KOF, etc.)

Eugene's Slayers Fanmanga
Eugene's Slayers only Fancomic page: [One of His days], [Bloody Buddy], [Time of Waiting for you] &..

Aqua - Watersite
If you want to read doujishis based on famous series, enter here! You can found fancomics made by amateurs authors of any manga or anime. Moreover, you can publish your fancomic here!

Dokiri is a manga about a girl (Dokiri) who lives in a disordered world in the year 2073. More information on my website. This manga is not based on an existing serie.

The Hero in the 21st Century
"Don't cry, Kagome," Inuyasha said. "I promise I'll come find you in your realm." And then he died. But he found her anyway. Inuyasha! Kagome! Sesshoumaru! Houjou too? Houjou too! Bawdy humor, intense ...

Online manga by me :B{;}Please do not read if you don't like shounen ai

"What if?..." A Slayers Comic by Isabel M.
What would happen if Amelia were to jump back into the past to the time when Zelgadis had captured Lina and was trying to force her into giving him the Philosopher's Stone? How differently might history ...

Kodomo No Slayers
Lina and Amelia steal Xelloss' staff, then, by way of an accidental mishap, the Slayers Boys are zapped back to their childhoods. A fun story!