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Click Member link to see site in tvThe Mind of Seymour
My padge about me, Seymie Dingle. Plus Mime Poetry, tales of fleas, Mr. Sniggles The Sock Puppet, Humperdinck Quotes, an Ask Dr. Dingle padge and more.

The Jones Family website
a website dedicated to my family, with links to all our personal pages, for the dogs too. And photos for our out of state family to see the kids grow.

D's Place
Lots of pictues to look at,{;}gardens,places,pets. {;}Collected poems & story's and much more.

Shades Of Purple
My site is about a family coming full circle. The love of family from past to present.

Fun Stuff
My site contains jokes, tongue twister, recipes, knock knock jokes, hopscotch and jumprope rhymes and other things of interest to children.

TOL All Hallow's Eve
halloween haunted house, egar allen poe the raven, tells of fright, ghost stories, colocommunity pages, hallow facts and legends, halloween recipes, 12 days of halloween

lilmikki's messy home
We've created a slightly chaotic mixture of everything important to our family. Meet kids, cats, parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Share some recipes, stories, and a few links.

Escape From Reality
Escape From Reality And Enter My World Of Fantasy

Catz Homepage
Hello There!! I have lots to see on my pages, including "just for fun" stuff, inspirational stories, Girl Scouts, Scooby (my daughter's page), and links to lots of family friendly places!

FABIAN's Little Playground on the Web
This site is all about our son Fabian, who was born on December 19, 1999

Pratt's Resources for Parenting & Beyond
My site is for the family and for educators. My pages include breastfeeding, pregnancy, homeschooling (lots), children, parenting, poems, LDS, graphics, recipes (including dairy-free), and much more.

TexasPepper's Home Page
Family rated personal web site with stories and pix of my 22 cats, both present and deeply missed, my kids, Texas, vegetarian recipes, causes, memorials and so much more.

Chubbie Cubbie's Preschool & Curriculum
A site for the parents, providers, and educators of young children. Site contains links for parents and children, activity ideas, and more! Now with curriculum kits to purchase.

The Kleins' Family Page
This site is about my family and the stuff we like. I have recipes, a page about sunflowers, a picture of my favorite lake and try to keep up with seasons and holidays.

Too Young To Die
This site is dedicated to a young husband-father, who was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer, on March 3, 1997. On October 13, 1997, he died in his sleep, at the age of 37. I have vital info on getting ...

The NutHouse on the Line
Our is a family site about ...... Our Family!!! Come on in and Meet us{;}:)

Justin's Tic Tac Toe Page
A tic tac toe game for two.

Tips and techniques on the basics of HTML.

Langford Legacy
My Home is all about me, my family, friends and our pets. I also have recipes, poems and a links page. I am constantly adding more topics so check back often!

Preschool Corner
Preschool Corner is a collection of activity ideas, descriptions, and articles suitable for home, school, or day care use. New articles are added twice weekly.

Biswell Family Home Page
We are the Biswell family from Kansas City, Mo. Come visit us.

Wee Inspirations
Wee Inspirations is for parents and kids with inspicommunity stories and poems, a picture tour through Scotland, games and much more.

Meggie's Page
A fun site for all ages! Read about my driving adventures, visit Sesame Street's Elmo, or learn more about me.

Hollensteinīs 3D Family Page
We (Markus, Doris and our sunshine Sabrina) are living in Austria, very close to the lake of constance and the swiss boarder. Come and visiti our Homepage!

The Klobe Family
The Klobe family of Austin, Texas: Michael, Stacy, Graham, Ian, and Marble

Steffen Family Homepage
Our site has a little of everything, information on our family, our rarebreed pets, a football fan page, recipes free holiday backgrounds and more! check us out

Welcome to My Scrapbook
Family photo album of my children as they grow. Best of friends.{;}

The Liss Family Home Page
Family site celebrates love and the supreme gift of family, dedicated to the memory of our dear Dad, who always put family first.

Key2MyHeart's Homepage
A site dedicated to my family for their unconditional love and support through good times and bad.{;}

For With God All Things Are Possible
A christian site dedicated to show God's love to others thru testimonies, help pages, prayer list, ect.

The Home of Joy
About my family and friends and the friends I have made on the net in communitys.

Porcelain Dolls By Evelyn Stanbury, GMDM
All about Porcelain dolls. Shacommunity information is a wonderful thing and especially about a great hobby like doll making. Lots of great pictures. Meet my family!

Parents Place
Links and resources for everyone in the family :)

Valerie's Place
My Involvement within the Fire/Ems Service as a woman. Tidbits about me. Photos of Family, Friends, My Wedding, Ropes Rescue Class

James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door
James S. Huggins is a professional speaker, author & technologist. With more than 30 years of Information Technology experience, he writes and speaks about technology, change and the social impacts, sprinkled ...

Cammie & Dave's Family Room
{;}Our site is kid safe. We offer links to all types of family related sites as well as a photo album featucommunity our trips together.

Homeschoolers of Maine
Homeschoolers of Maine is a Christian Ministry dedicated to promoting home education in the State of Maine.

Kids Trains
Trains for kids with Thomas the Tank, fun, games, colocommunity, graphics, songs, poems, rail safety{;}

This genealogy site focuses on publishing family newsletters and how family newsletters can be used to pull your family together and to gather and share family history. It makes available the book, ABSOLUTELY ...

Betty Todd Sinclair Wed site
The Todd's From England, and the ones gone before us.

Mandefender World Community
Greetings, we are creating a world community of webs of the man's discrimination and we would like them to unite to create a world platform of fight. Site About the Manīs Rights Anillo de webs que luchan ...

All For One
{;}A family Site with numerous recipes to choose from and much more!

The Miller Website
Hi! My name is Karen and I enjoy maintaining my website for my family and friends! It is a great way to stay in touch. I hope you find my site inspirational, entertaining, and fun!{;}

My family webpage
Just a site I made to show off my family. Includes a causes page, and information on parenting and breastfeeding.

Join 2003_Spec. Friendz at Michelle's Place for Adventures to add more to a teacher/publisher/homeschool resource site w/anti-bias and realistic fiction {;}on-line stories that will teach Kidz morals w/lovable ...

Thinking of yesterday
{;}My family and family history

A World Of Our Own
All about my beautiful little Princess Jasmine. Lots of pictures, animations, and beautiful background sets. Hope you will check us out!{;}

Kids Corner
This page will take you to Kids Corner! The fun place for kids! Colocommunity/games/jokes/fun links/riddles/facts/and more! Kid communitys also!

Halo Of Peace
My site has a miracle story of my precious granddaughter. I also have pages for you with music, poems, stories, fun pages and my family photo page. I would be very pleased to have you visit...

Danz Family
Danz family blog, website and a whole lot more.