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A community for everyone, from Gaffer to Key Grip, who keeps a journal, blog or other independent on-line publication.

brassy's livejournal
journal-esque ramblings on a variety of topics, and a lot of the time, nothing at all. an unhealthy lotr obsession lingers here too.{;}

Adventures of MortalMax
Sometimes I have great, fun getaways; sometimes I don't. {;}

Wandecommunity off topic since 2003.

Brie's LiveJournal
The online journal of SunflwrPDX, a.k.a. Brie.

on a darkling plain
an ethereal hardcore girl

Need A Storyline?
We write stories that can be used for various types of Multi-media productions etc. Our company has great interest in the Anime and Manga genre. Our stories can be used as the basis of your ...