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Falsley Accused of a crime you did not commit? Someone filed charges against you unjustly to achieve a goal that has ruined your life? Join us in our journey for Truth and Justice for ALL.

Imprisoned on a technicality
David faces 40 - 80 years in prison for a crime he did not commmit. This is his story.

Tribute to the human spirit
Our familys experience with our local DSS child "protective" services and our special education dept. When pursuing his rights to special therapies that cost $$. They retaliated by taking our son, not ...

Helping families keep and or get their children home. We also have a chat room thru yahoo for support

A.F.R.A.I.D. American Families Routinely Attacked, Intimidated & Destroyed!
My heart wrenching story of how I was targeted by CPS in San Diego, California and lost my children due to "Neglect". My site details information you should be armed with if CPS shows up at your door. ...

Gestapo in America
Personal experience with DCF, arrested , convicted, conviction overturned, lost our three adopted children.

Fight CPS And Win
Information and support for families facing false accusations of child abuse or neglect.

Millstones: Preventing CPS Family & Child Abuse
This is a website reporting news, information and links regarding abuse by Child Protective Services and other government agencies.

AJ TODD 6 Months old, Abducted for being Breast Fed Caught on Video
This is the amazing and tragic story{;}about the abuse of power constantly shown by the New South Wales Department of Community Services and the New South Wales Police Force in the City of Sydney.{;}The ...

Describes my fight against corrupt judicial system, attorney and judge, who stole my son. What I am doing and how to contact me.