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Wings are symbolic for strength and unity. Come join us if you have wings. Show us your strength. Show us your wings. This image is a copyrighted image please do not use or take if you are not a member of I Have Wings. If you are interested in joining this community please visit our community homepage to find out what we are all about and how to join.VERY IMPORTANT::The page where your community is placed must be the page you sign up with otherwise the community checker cannot find your community and your site will be deleted. Thanks for complying with this. We check our community regularly so that is running smoothly.

The Keep of the Changeling
The Keep houses the art and photography of Saskya - elves, fae, and nature are the things you will find here.

Moon Mage\'s Lair
Moon Mage\'s Lair is a safe haven for the weary web traveler. Hidden by the mists it is a place of magic that only the kind hearted may seek.

Soul Songs
Once more, Sandra Kelly weaves for us a tapestry of timeless beauty that began with her first book,"Subtle Expressions." Immerse yourself in the compelling imagery of "Soul Songs," as Sandra's words ...

Deborah's Realm
Fairies, Angels, Unicorns and much more.

paulines poems
All my own poetry

The World of Insane Faery...
My family, pets, journal, graphics, adoptables and so much more!!

Angel Wing Pictures
Custom made angel wing pictures of your loved one on the background of your choice.

KT\'s Memorial
My Site is to help others understand and learn ways of dealing with Epilepsy Disorder (also to dispel \"myths\" about epilepsy disorder based on ignorance and fear), please visit Epilepsy over 300 Links ...

Amethyst's Fae Enchantment
My site is devoted to my adoration and belief of Faerie!! It offers much: “I Believe” Buttons, featured Fae artwork by Mary Baxter St. Clair & Amy Brown, Fae Dollz, Fae Blinkies, my favorite Fantasy ...

From The Heart Of Aradia
A site dedicated to the hopes, dreams, hurts and healing that I, or someone I know, have felt on our journey of life. Sometimes sad, but always with the knowledge that tomorrow will be a better day

My Gastric Bypass - One Woman's Story
How I went from 500 lbs to 149. In Oct 98 I had Weight Loss Surgery and this is about my journey along a very bumpy road to health and a new life. I've included my weight chart, before ducommunity and ...

Sullivan Family Home Page
We have lots of stuff on our site pages dedicated to the Fae, my causes, our pets and even get to know us.

Wendy's Memorial Pages
A memorial site for our 19 y/o only daughter, lost by suicide. Her life, death, poems, prose, pictures and stories.

Laylaskye's Cafe
My personal homepage with a little bit of everything.

Hiding's Place
A site full of family, friends and my soul I have shared with only 1 man.

Stevie's Steel Dog Cafe'
Scripture, poetry, graphics, music/lyrics, pages to share, games and more! Something for just about everyone!

CC's Place
My site is a "Safe Sufe""Child Friendly" rated personal site featucommunity poems, stories, dedications, free graphics, and much, much, more. It is not finished, nor will it ever be as I am always adding, ...

Asa Taiyo Akitas - Memorials
Memorial section to my beloved Akitas, for 9/11, Columbia, and the Aggie Bonfire.

Misty Wood
Welcome to the secret Wood where Fae Misty Wood lives. Come in and enjoy a little magic,

Faery Forest
Sit about handmade fairies and other dolls'n things

Bente's Homepage!
A place to let your *spirit* be free for a little while, Fantasy, lovely pictures, poems, art. A place to relax.

Cherokee Lady
Child Abuse page and links, domestic violence page and links, my beliefs

Faery Unicorn
a place to share my love for the fae

The Realm of Forgotten Memories
A website filled with adoptions (faeries, mermaids, humans elves, dark elves), stories, poetry, adventures, and more.

Another Lilac World
Another Lilac World is dedicated to literature and arts made by women, where everyone is welcome and where peace, love and friendship are the keys for the best life creations!