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Tennessee Fainting Goats are also known as Myotonic Goats, Tennessee Mountain Ghosts, Fainters, Stiff-legs, and Wooden Legs.

Red Rocks Ranch
South Texas home of the Myotonic (fainting) goat.

7F Ranch
Quality fainting goats, several colors and blue eyes.

Empress Kachina
I am Empress Kachina........Empress to all goats.... KISSES

CMR Fainters
We are a proud MGR breeder. Our Fainters come in all sizes and colors and some have blue eyes. We also have Miniature Silky Fainting Goats.

pictures and decriptions of our ranch in dunnellon fl

Moonhaven Farm
A mini-farm raising quality Tennessee Fainting (Myotonic) Goats

Ahart Acres
We raise Tennessee Fainting Goats at our home in Lebanon Oregon. We have a small herd that will will be expanding over the next few years. Our all black and white herd will soon be changing with the addition ...

Straw Berry Acres
Myotonic goat & German Shepherd breeder/Service and Therapy dog trainer located in Melrose, Florida. Breeding for excellence in temperament & sound structure within standard. Photographs, pedigrees, care ...

Nazworthy Acres
We are small hobby breeders, but take pride in what we raise! We hope you will check out our website and see for yourself. We live on a small acreage in Southern Iowa. We raise Myotonics, Nubians, ...

CartAngel Acres Myotonics
Located in Southwest Arkansas, raising top quality Myotonics (fainting goats), TexMasters™, Tennessee Meat Goats,and Myotonic percentages. Our goats make wonderful pets, but are selected for their MEAT ...

Small Haven Farm
We have a small herd of beautiful, affectionate fainting goats. Site includes pictures of the goats and other members of the farm, useful links.

Yellow Rose Ranch Fainting Goats and Miniature Horses
We have some of the best breeds of fainting goats on the market, at the best prices. From kids to adults, there is a fainter for everyone. We have the friendliest goats in the state of Texas!

Renegade Ranch
Breeder of IFGA registered Fainting goats. We have a wide variety of Coat Colors/Patterns, Blue eyes, varies Genetics, and Extensive Pedigrees.

Crazy E Ranch Fainting Goats
Fainting Goats, in Mansfield TX.

We are a fun loving, goat loving bunch. We raise registered Fainting Goats, Paint Horses, and Quarter Horses.

Apache Landing Fainters - ALF
Raising Quailty Fainting Goats since 1999.. Lots of reds with blue eyes & polled

Got Goaties? We do! Premium Tennessee Fainting Goats for show, breeding or pets - ideal for your homestead!

Rusty Bucket Ranch
We are a small but growing fainter farm in Aberdeen Maryland. We have mini, blue eyes, many colors & different coat types. I'm a proud member of the Myotonic Goat Registry (M.G.R.) We will also be registecommunity ...

Regalos de Dios Ranch
Tennesee Fainting goats and Spanish Arabian horse breeder

Fern Hill Fainters Tn. Myotonic Goats
Registered herd with several bloodlines. Different colors, sizes and hair length. Kidding March thru May.

rusty bucket ranch
raising and breeding fainting/myotonic goats in maryland. we have blue eyes, polled, colors and mini.

Titan Farms Fainting Goats
We raise and sell Myotonic (Fainting) Goats for show or pets. We do not sell for meat. We specialize in reds and blue eyes but have a variety of colors available. We love our goats and it shows.

StandingStone Fainters
Breeding MGR registered Tennessee Myotonic/Fainting Goats in Griswold, CT. We maintain a disease free herd/farm. All our goats have tested neg. for CL, CAE and Johnes in 2006.

San Tan Mountain
Small hobby breeder of fainting goats in Arizona!

Phantom Farms
Phantom Farms in Cedar Hill, TN. We have a variety of Fainters; colors - chesnutt browns, black & whites, tri colors, and even blues! Member of the MGR and the TN Scrapies Program. Healthy stock! We ...