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WE BELIEVE in faeries!

Faery Trixies Faeries
Faery Trixies Faeries!

Paula's Homepage
ClipArt,Animations,{;}FaeryClubPage,FriendshipQuilt and a lot more...!{;}

Lady GlitterDreams' Realm
My home on the Net. A place to relax and be around all things I hold dear...most importantly lots of Fairies!

The Greek Goddess
A personal site featucommunity Greece, pet dedication pages, awards I offer, elegant greeting cards for all occasions, dedication pages to on-line groups, poetry pages, my neopets, free-for-all links, ...

~*~Godess Dollz~*~
just some little dollies I've made! LOL!!! This is my "freshman" effort, so any input would be greatly appreciated!!(I am trying to learn tubes, but haven't conquered it yet)!!

FireOpals Faery Believers Club Page
{;}My Faery Believers Club Dedication Site

Mikala's Dollz
Just about everything I enjoy and things i love to make

Purple Butterfly Fairy Island
My Little Island getaway with fairys,fairy poetry,dolls ,anything mystical that enhances my spirit {;}

{;}Homepages of a fairy freak having fun. Lots of fairies, graphics and fantasy art.

IcicleStar's Underground Cavern
Come underground for a fantasy filled adventure! Loaded with graphics and a brand new look!{;}

Diamond's Mystical Realm
An Enchanted Mystical Fantasy Wonderland filled with Beauty from the Heart. My very own Fairy Adoptions and Creations. Personal Sigs, Contests, and so much more.

MoonPixie's Domain
{;}Mostly my own writing, and of course, LOTS of faeries!

Emerald Fairy's Place
An Enchanted Mystical Magical Fairy Wonderland, filled with Beauty and Imagination....{;}

Fae Buttercups Enchanted Garden
Collection of Fae calling cards, fonts and midis. How to add text to calling cards. How to install fonts. Much More!!!{;}

Deborah's Realm
Fairies, angels, unicorns and dragons. Pet's page, adoptions, poetry and diary.{;}