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NOTE THIS RING IS UNDERGOING CHANGES AND IS NOT ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS AT THIS TIME. WHEN ALL THE CHANGES ARE COMPLETE THE RING WILL BE REOPENED TO NEW MEMBERSHIP. PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO ADD YOUR SITE BEFORE THAT DATE. THANK YOU. Does this fit you? The heart of a fae beats within me. The soul of wonder resides inside. I am filled with the magic that is god becoming - I am enchanted and enchanting. I touch the sky that is above me and push the clouds from here to there. Into the waters I plunge my finger stircommunity it to make the waves. I touch the ground and new life spcommunitys forth. I kiss another to set the world on fire. I have the immortal soul of a child that understands all things and has so much more to learn.{;}

Faerie_Dancer's Home
All about the Fae

Elfstar Studios
An online surrealist art gallery with elf, fae and mer art.

Gryphon's webpage
This is a website where I post my poems, my animals, my art, and my love for gryphons!

Ice Faery's Haven
all about fae and faeadoption's

Fae Mist
The return to childhood's innocense.

Dreamy Autumn
Life, love, motherhood & wicca.

Welcome to my home
Fae, Unicorns, Dragons, Poetry, tales, some celtic, Personal artwork, other artwork (used with permission to show). I have been a member of the community prior to this, my site was 'suspended' then deleted. ...

Fairys In Flight

Guendolen's Castle
My castle contains information on the Arthurian legend and the ways and kinds of faeries, along with a small art gallery and a few hidden places to find.

Lair of the 'lil Purrrple Dragon
A unique site made by a small purple-coloured dragon, with wings that more resemble a faeries.... inside this site, you will find a vast array of topics that will add more knowledge to your insatiable ...

Fairies, Faeries, Fairy's at LaLa's Land
Visit with the enchanting faeries at LaLa's Land to see, beautiful artwork by amazing artists, faery poems and stories, faery descriptions and trivia and much more.

My Pretties
My adopted fairies, with links to my base page, family and friends page, and movie quote page. I am just re-beginning my page, so I am sorry if it is sparse as of now.

Emerald's Faeries
Faeries and Poetry

Luvzbluez Fairy Communitys 2
My site has many stories, and poetry on the fairy and other mystical things. Also have a site on Angels, and Childabuse and Domestic Violence. Are you a true Believer?

Vixin's Piece of Heaven
A woman's true heart can only be captured in her innocence, for those who have glimpsed this, it is a rare and precious thing....

*Celtic Stars*
just my little site, nothing special! ;)

near-death/angelic/miracles/blessings/{;}spiritual experiences/healings/free graphics/pics of ireland/sacred places/colour/crystals/links/communitys/ personal stories/guidance/messages {;}from "other ...

a gateway to all the sites I have put together, has a mystical/ Celtic feel to it

Li's pages
much literature (poetry, fairy-tales, novels,...) most in german; theater, paintings, art-objects (english); architecture, dolls, angels, ...

Liliths World
an eclectic site with anyhting from the smallest fae to the larger than life edgar allen poe

Fairy Hill
Graphics.. Poetry.. Fairy Tales.. Fiction

Faerie Realm
Fairy graphics and the artists who made them, Cicely M Barker, Amy Brown, Jeff Bedrick and many more. Also, graphics for downloading, my adopted unis and faeries.{;}

Dani's castle in the clouds
In this castle you can see my cyberpets, you can send a castle in the clouds greeting card, hunt for two secret places and test your knowledge of fairy tales........

Esmeralda's Homepage
A little bit of everything*(~_~)*

Beer Bytch's Bar
Texas humor, Irish & Texas history, poetry, pictures, art, loving my pets,& more!!