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A Canadian boy married a Japanese girl and moved to live, work & play Tokyo.!!

Sinaloa sur Seine
Non-weekly nor daily journal by a anarchist mexican exilee in France.

the great escape
the adventures of two expat bikers in Catalunya, Spain.

Andie in Paris
A blog about my expat life in Paris.

Papier Lumière
French in the US since 1997.

Cafe Oakland
The Cafe is a place of passage, both public and private, where people can exchange some information! This blog is thus for me an exchange of ideas (good ones), short stories about the life in Oakland, ...

Expat's Blog
Expats Blog is part of www.asia-expatsforum.com Community forum for expatriates living or traveling in Asia Pacific or Southeast Asia. Sections on Thailand, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, ...

The diary of a girl with a little budget and a big mouth.

Canadian Expatriates
Canadian Expatriates is an online community for Canadians living abroad. The site features links to useful resources; a message board, guest map; and the Expat Blog, containing articles and observations ...

The Taylors in Europe
I started this blog in August of 2003 to keep friends and family back in the States up to date on our adventures in Europe courtesy of the US Army. Unfortunately, for the past year it has also chronicled ...

Blackpurls knitpickings
An American wife & her family living in Russia to learn the language and soak up some culture...

the young wide-eyed californian student gets thrown into the UK to live for a good 6 months, to see what she can see. and she sees a lot.

Chroniques Sylhvicoles
Tribulations d'une petite française en Teutonie du Sud: considérations anthropologiques et atermoiements climatiques.

An Aussie in Japan
The random thoughts and experiences of an Australian law student studying at a university in Tokyo, Japan.

Mr McAffertys´ Super and Splendid Palace (of stuff)...
A blog is a place to tell people what you want them to know. So this is what I want you to know, or is it? Truth is you probably don´t want to know any of this either way...

Alison Wonderland
I'm a Scottish illustrator living in France with my husband and 2 kids.

American Gazette
La vie d'une expatriée française aux USA.

Such is Life
I'm Australian. My husband is French. We live in Arizona in the middle of a hot, dry desert. Everyone in our family has a different accent. It's all very confusing.

Wide Island
Long-term American resident of Hiroshima writes about life, marriage and sandwiches.

A gay left-wing American living in Belgium with my partner and our dog.{;}

Just Dazzle
Just Dazzle is the blog of a 25 year old Canadian girl living and working in Amsterdam. Dazzle has been living in Europe on and off since 2001, and has made Amsterdam her home for the past year.

the cowango blog
A journal of two artists who packed it in and made the leap into the unknown. Cowango is impact. cowango.com is Art with Impact. Representing the artwork of Stefanie Graves and David Lucht.

White African
a white african's view of the world

English expatriates in France stories
A group of English speaking expatriates are shacommunity their experience in this blog about their new life in France. Find out about their integration satisfactions, frustrations and the suggestions they ...

elmada.com: Adam Lederer
Expatriate, not Ex-patriot. A queer and liberal Americna living in Weimar and Jena Germany.

CheeseWeb II
The tales of 2 Canadian expats living in Belgium with 4 cats and a Saint Bernard. It includes loads of photos, reviews and stories.

3 g's in brussels
A blog of our daily life as American expats in Belgium.

Island Girl
More fun than an army of ninja invading your pants!

Etienne Marcel
An American in Paris, making her way through the rest of France on the weekends!

Schlepping Life Around the World
This blog is about the urge to move and explore: It is about migration, traveling and going for walks. It ponders questions of why and how, where and when. The self-assessment of a foreigner who will never ...

Holli's Ramblings
My cheek is smudged with red clay. African soil keeps me grounded, dirty, alive. Gives me perspective and cause for alarm. Dusty, wet, preoccupied by irony and deceit, beauty and angst, the fragile ...

Andrew Gegen Koeln!
A blog written by a young American living in Cologne, Germany, and his experiences.

Whoa Its My Life
Creative sparks, daily extracurriculars, interesting internet finds, life updates, and anything else that might be milling in my head. Welcome to a crazy mashup of art and Amy!

The Thai Pirate - An Englishman's perspective about life and work in Suphanburi province, Thailand
Blog, comment and real stories about life, work, travel and current affairs in modern Thailand

My Thai Friend
Life in Thailand, the Land of Smiles, as seen through the eyes of an Englishman happily enjoying life living amongst the Thai people.

London Crackers
A living diary of one Florida family's experience in the United Kingdom, provided both for friends and family to remain in touch, and for other prospective expatriates to get a sense of what it's like ...

Bulgarian Slivatree - An Expatriate's Eye In Bulgaria
Having abandoned the UK many years ago I have lived and worked within the Bulgarian community throughout this time. The Bulgaria found was found to be very different from many accounts read from other ...

Dutch expat in the Philippines
a dutch man who wants to spent the rest of his life in the philippines, reporting through website and blog and pictures about what he sees and experiences

American Russia Observations
Contrast between Russian and American culture, our daily life in St. Petersburg,and occasional posts about Expat Cooking.

Us and Them
I spend much of my professional life trying to convince people that the space between U&T is not that great. I spend much of my personal life realizing that sometimes, it is. These are the reflections ...

What We're Eating (And More!)
The daily diary of an Expatriated American living in Peru -with thoughts, meanderings, cooking tips and recipes

Nancy and Chuck - Retirement in Ecuador
Chuck and I visited Ecuador three years ago. We fell in love with the city of Cuenca. After spending six months in Cuenca as tourists, we decided that this was where we wanted to spend our retirement ...

Expat In Manila
The Blog of an lifelong Expat who has spent a LOT of time in the Philippines over the last decade, and moved Manila in 2009. These entries will include - among others - reflections on living in the Philippines, ...