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Click Member link to see site in tvLe blog venu du froid : les Mourot au Québec
Chronique mensuelle (avec quelques bonus) de l'expatriation éphémère (une année) d'un famille parisienne qui découvre le Québec.

Donkey Eggs
A blog about life in South Korea.

The Very Deep Thoughts of Yo
Les pensées très profondes d'un franco-suisse en Suède. Mais faut pas toujours croire ce qui est écrit!

Living in Mexico
A chronicle of what life is like for a European entrepreneur who lives and work in Mexico City.

La tortue cynique / The cynical turtle
Blog de 2002, anectodes de la vie parisienne. Et maintenant, expatrié en Chine !

Y'en a marre: Le fond de l'eprouvette.
Some time ago I decided to come to the UK on an erasmus exchange program. I never left and I am now struggling to finish my studies in the glorious Midlands.

Pom du Cap
Ramblings of an expat Brit in Cape Town

Blog de Connard
A U.S. expat living in Ukraine

Mustered Musings
Musings of an amaetur blogger and experienced IT professional from India, currently working in Nigeria

Give me spirit fingers dammit!!
Commentary on local and international shopping and style trends by an Aussie expat in Hong Kong.

Some editors are failed writers, but so are most writers.

Home Thoughts From Abroad. Alien Thoughts From Home.

Ma Vie à Annecy
The blog of a 17 year old American girl living as an exchange student in Annecy, France.

The Mustard Zone
Thirty-something Boston, Massachusetts expat whines about life in France's wine country.

Tom in Austria
I am a junior math and international relations major from Arkansas, braving the sausage and dialect and trying to learn German. I update this site pretty regularly, with at least a few posts per week ...

☆彡 Jag alskar dig ☆彡 プロフィール / ~ WiNNie's PRofiLe~
A personal blog and journal of winnie lai shacommunity experience on life in hk, after years in australia and living in japan shacommunity joyful insights while traveling and encounter different people. general ...

Jo in Japan
Random observations and comments about life in Tokyo from a Brit trying to teach English.

Axis of Ævil
A journal by an American expat in Finland who enjoys photography and knows the difference between Scandinavian and Nordic. :)

My English Years
Ramblings of an Austrian in England (mainly in German) - Österreich trifft England

Blog de Beton
Un mauricien en Thailande. A mauritian in Thailand.

A little taste of life in West Nowhere Japan

Kate and Pansy Go Out!
Ex-California, living in County Antrim, dreaming of Las Vegas and spending far too much time thinking about, blogging about, shopping about, well just everything about drink.

ExpatEgghead dribbling on the web
There's not enough rubbish on the Web. I decided to help out.{;}

{;}Daily journal, rants and musings from a Danish girl in London.

Quantum Tea
Opinionated British blog, currently living in the US. Random thoughts, programming, history, web design, news, humour, Christianity, tea, quantum mechanics, knitting, opinions.

The tales of an intinerant writer/computer geek currently in search of adventure and a happy childhood.

Online journal of an American woman living on the French Riviera.

My diary of life as an expat wife in Tokyo. I'm still waiting for the martini and bridge.

Merde in France
All you need to know about the 'French exception' / Tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur 'l'exception française' {;}{;}

Queen of Rambles
I'm just a normal American woman who fell in love with a Swedish guy I met on the 'net. I moved to northern Sweden so we could be together. These are my adventures.

Across the Pond
I'm a Canadian living in England, thanks to my English hubby. I've lived here for 5 years, but still find stuff to write about. Hopefully it's interesting!{;}

raskal trippin
hopscotch adventures of an exiled new yorker in Berlin

Notes from Germany
I am an American living in Germany. It's a far away land on the other side of the ocean. It's interesting and often weird here. Here are some of my thoughts about it.

Bell, Book and Kaselholmen
My blog is pretty normal: a place to vent, a place to share, and a place to try to be a bit funny. I've got to admit, i've a strange personality. But, what the heck, what good does it do you not to be ...

Breves de Fast-food
Un frenchy expatrie aux US et nostalgique des comptoires

Life in Exile
The life and times of an American family in Qatar.

Letter From Wurzburg
Journal of An American Expatriate

An Englishman in Verona
The adventures, musings and photos of an English teacher in Verona, Italy

Mythen, Sagen und mein Leben
My livingroom, where I talk about life as a German in California, where I tell stories, and show off my knitting. Mostly in German but with a translate button handy.

A wandecommunity woman writes from Spain
Tales of an American woman in Spain: A little voice told me to quit the big city corporate gig and wander off to Spain. I listened, and these are my adventures!

The Texpatriate
A Texan moves to Norway and learns what "cold" really means. She travels alot, learns to walk in snow and describes the hilarity that ensues.

The Moron's Almanac & Euroblog
The almanac and blog of This Moron (Greg Nagan), an American humorist currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark, chronicling his bewildecommunity experiences as an expat and expectant father.

Greener Pastures
The blog of a 30-something American mom in County Tipperary, Ireland

Soggy Pigeon
The daily random thoughts from a college girl trying to survive the trials and tribulations of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

le hamburger et le croissant
The food-blog of a French girl living in the USA.

Cyn's Knits 'n Stuff
A blog for an American knitting sahm living in Norway. With parts of my life and knitting projects shared for all to see.

Stcommunitybean abroad: the Xpatriate files
Everyday life of a gal from Detroit currently living in Germany...

An American lost in Germany commenting thoughtfully on anything that comes to mind from Chomsky to Currywurst . . .

Life & times of a guy from Honolulu, Hawaii trying to make his life in Kanagawa, Japan.

A Welshman in Milano
The rapidly diminishing thoughts of an old Welshman living in Milano