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Dedicated to saving exotic animals!

Beaded Beauties
I support Greenpeace and the fight to save not only endangered wildlife and their environment, but to show the wisdom in it.

Keallaigh's Favorite Things
Keallaigh's interests, issues, and causes, including wildlife, nature, flowers, garden, egalitarianism, equality, beauty, quotations, and more.

Sue's Furry Family
My site is about my animals, has animal shelter stories, rescue info, petloss, and a page on wolves and squirrels.

Wildlife - The Grizzly Bear: A Fight for Survival
Adult grizzly bears are at the top of their food chain and have little to fear from other animals. Mountain lions, other bears, and wolves prey upon cubs; however, the primary threat to the grizzly bear ...

Two Tuxedo Cats
Our site is about Mimi, Muffin, & Molly the tuxedo cats. We have our own club for naughty kitties & communitys to join. We're a member of "Communitys For A Cause" and manage the "An Indoor Cat, Is A Safe ...

Welcome to the Conscious Living Homepage
Animal, Human & Planet Welfare

NSF Earth Sisters
Earth Sisters

Help Save Our Animals! - Jacqlee (The Cat Lady)
This page provides easy ways and fun ways for anyone who is interested in saving our planet and our wildlife to help out. With minimal effort and time, and no cost, you can help save our animals.{;}

H'Art of the Beast
Exotic wildlife oil paintings by Sondra Kay Neiman, celebrating the heart and spirit of the beasts of the earth.

World of Wolfspirit
ome on a mystical journey to The World of Wolfspirit. {;} Light your candle and follow me.....{;}Look over there are some mystical journeys where you can {;}visit Atlantis, Lemuria, or even go on a true ...

Jacqlee (The Cat Lady)
My four rescued cats ~ Sam, Delilah, Isabella and Leslie Anne ~ all help me promote and support stray and shelter adoption, bcommunitying an alley cat home, spay/neuter, feral cat rescue and management, ...

Alaskan Rose's Home Pages
My site tells about Wild Cats, My children, my hobbies, my friends, Fantasy Fights and other site communitys, has games, Sprites, gifts, and Shadowboxes.{;}PS...... My site is located at http://www.geocities.com/twillitespirit/index.html ...

I made this website to raise the issue of animal cruelty!

Jungle Of Wild Cats
tigers, adoption of wild cats and helping protect to keep them in the wild.

Wild-Tiger Labels
Featucommunity Big Cats (Lions, Tigers, Mountain Lions, etc.) from around the world on address labels for you to purchase. Come take a look and see what awaits you in the world of Wild-Tiger Labels.

Elephant Country
A site dedicated to the conservation and preservation of African and Asian elephants. It has detailed information on both species as well as elephants in general. {;}

VanoraSpcommunity Presents: Life
A site dedicated to teaching that all forms violence must end!!

Animal Rights Activist Resources
My site is dedicated to helping ALL creatures. Please spread the word that abuse in any form to ANY creature is wrong! All creatures deserve to live in peace and harmony with the other inhabitants of the ...

{;}Meet the furbabies in stories and pics. We strongly promote animal rights, spay/neuter and adopting strays. Visit our special Rainbow Bridge section and the memorials to our own furangels. Apply for ...

Puddy Tat and Tigger Too
About my four furries plus stories, poems, photos, graphics, health tips, animal welfare and anti-cruelty pages, and more.

Pawprints and Purrs
Cat Health Care and Animal Advocacy.

Endangered, At Risk & Extinct Species
Species categorized by Extinct, Extirpated, Endangered, Threatened, Vulnerable, Indetermined and Not at Risk. Links to web sites with similar info and COSEWIC, W.W.F. and Canada/U.S.A. Fish & Wildlife, ...

Wonderful World of Animals
Here you will find stories of how my cat and dog were adopted, pet causes we believe in,{;}photos, links, awards to win and much more!

Cosette's Lair
The homepage of Madelynne, Lestat, Cleo, Sagittarius, Cosette and Tasha. Weekly pet contests for dogs and cats, animal rights page, fun pages, awards, stray and shelter pets club, poo club, awards and ...

Tiger Wild
This is a site that I have been waiting to get to for years,and now,I finally got to it,enjoy