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This is a community for all of the eWrestling fed owners. With this community, we can get more hits and a bigger fan base.

The World Wrestling Championships
The WWC is an electrifying e-fed that can cater to the needs of any serious wrestler out there, so try your luck in the WWC and fulfil your dream of becoming the WWC Champion.

NEXW New Xtreme Wrestling
A new fast growing e-fed based on Xtreme. Come now and you could be the Nex in sports entertainment.

The UEF is a great fed with a dedicated owner and RPers. Come take a look.

Great Fed, We have have over 10 years E-Wrestling Expeirence, all We Need Is YOU!

Raging Bull Wrestling
We are new on the scene but we are looking to build some of the best storylines in the buisness. So if you want good fun and a good efed check us out.

Before we begin the FAQ portion of this document, I would like to share a little bit about my vision for PATH of KINGS. I envision an e-fed where die-hard handlers and part-timers who are strapped for ...

NWC Superstars Of Wrestling
This is an ewrestling site that uses images of original wrestlers by using the wwe video game. We wil offer roleplay soon but use writing to call matches and outcomes.

SHIMMER Fantasy Wrestling
Originally created in November 2007, SHIMMER Fantasy Wrestling is now back open and encourages members to sign up as either original or real female competitors of the sport and compete in storylines and ...

No Limit Wrestling Federation
No Limit Wrestling Federation is a newer fed but that doesn't mean anything but opportunity.

WWF SmackDown!
WWF SmackDown! is trying to recapture the Attitude Era of WWF, specifically 1999 - 2000, but in an original way. Big names are still available, so join now!

New-Found Wrestling
New-Found is a throwback to old-school e-fedding with the modern touch. Shows are high quality. In New-Found your push is decided upon your activity, but because of it's Hybrid nature you will never be ...

Great American Wrestling
A new wrestling experience with a weekly show, a monthly pay-per-view, and a very dedicated staff. Join in for the best ewrestling experience!