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A community dedicated to the animated series 'X Men: Evolution'

Art Evolution
A site for my X-men Evulotion fan art. Please visit yes? ^_^

Transparent Thoughts
A Kitty Pryde site with a gallery, polls and much more!

Xavier school
Web site about X-Men Evolution come and see it.

The Bayville Library
A site completely dedicated to fanfiction of X-Men:Evolution. It's small at the moment but it's always open to submissions.

Fatal Optic
Criticism, fan work, and general unashamed drooling.

born4catz x-men-evolution page
not much yet hope to make it better! hope to have a gallery soon!

Children of The Atom: An X-Men Evolution RPG
They are the children of the atom. Singled out from the rest of humanity, they are afraid to reveal themselves for the scorn and hatred of humanity will surely follow. For now, these mutants must perfect ...

Neo Evolution:X-men RPG
Neo Evolution, an X-men RPG just getting off it's feet.It takes place right after the Evolution team gets out of High School and now are headed off to college in a world with Diffrent orginazations popping ...

Jean & Scott Forever
This is a shrine dedicated to Jean & Scott from X-men Evolution

Toad Damage
Site devoted to Toad from X-Men Evolution. Has fan art, fan fiction, and other neat info on Toad. Also has info on movie Toad, comics Toad, and Noel Fisher (Toad's voice actor).

Myke's X-Men Site
A site featucommunity AIM icons, Winamp skins and wallpaper from the X-Men cartoons and films.

All Nightcrawler, All the Time

X-Pressionism X
Fanart, Fanfics, Polls, E-Cards, Bios and other random and fun evo stuff! Plus meet my crazy muse!

Toad's Swamp
A shrine for Todd with pics, fics, interactive fics, ramblings, biographies, and pols. Also I have this little section where you can order a certificate saying you married your fav. Evo person! I know ...

Card Trick
The frist Remy site for X-men evolution.

Geek Fiction Central
Jen1703's X-men Evolution fan fiction.

X-Men: Evolution (Mutant Oddities Unit)
This is a Play by E-Mail (PbEM) Role Playing Game (RPG) based on the hit animated series, X-Men: Evolution. A spin-off from the story of the Bayville Teens... Also including its own Made-up characters ...

X-Men: Evolution (M. O. U.)
The Mutant Oddities Unit, which primary mission, to find and help these abused mutants. Using Muir Island as their base of operations, they toil the world to liberate its oppressed and feacommunity peoples. ...

X-men Evo Rpg
My X-men rpg that taes place in the evolution universe, after the whole Apocolypse ordeal with some pretty good story lines, RECRUITING NOW,starts off 28th December 2005